Column: You can relax Gavin: Biden showed he’s not a doddering old man

SACRAMENTO — I was reminded of President Biden's State of the Union address, in which a grumpy old grandfather urged his worried adult children: So forget it. ” In this case, it was the White House. “I'm not going to walk away,” Biden insisted. He was talking about not abandoning American values. But he also […]

California bill banning medical debt from credit reports gets a boost

California Atty. Gen. Rob Bonta announced Monday that he is pushing for legislation that would ban medical debt from appearing on consumer credit reports. This is a Democratic-led effort to provide protections to patients who are under pressure from medical costs. Bonta is a sponsor Sen. Monique Limon's bill, SB 1061 seeks to prevent health […]

Barbara Lee won for Black women, even if she lost Senate run

I'm not sure what I expected from Barbara Lee when the aide handed her the phone, but the laugh I heard definitely wasn't it. The announcement came just hours after the longtime Oakland congressman made the announcement. Statement authorizing the primary election Speaking as a U.S. senator, he congratulated his Democratic colleague, Representative Adam B. […]

California races will be pivotal in determining House control

Barring divine intervention or the West Coast being underwater, President Biden will easily win California in the November election. But if he, or Donald Trump, the likely Republican nominee, secures a second term in the fall, the future of both policy issues will depend largely on which party controls Congress, and the current U.S. Republicans […]

San Francisco ties welfare to drug-screening, boosts police powers

San Francisco – Mayor London Breed was all smiles on Tuesday during a packed preliminary party in Hayes Valley, a boutique neighborhood about a half-mile from City Hall, and took selfies and congratulations as she made her way through a crowded bar to a microphone. I stopped for. “Change is coming!” Breed yelled to thunderous […]

L.A. City Council approves new parking restrictions around Runyon Canyon

Parking may soon be difficult to find around Runyon Canyon after the Los Angeles City Council approved new regulations for residential areas near the popular hiking spot. Parking is limited west side of the canyon The north side of Hollywood Boulevard is approximately half a mile wide from North Carson Avenue to Laurel Canyon Boulevard. […]

L.A. City Council votes to allow demolition of Jewish and labor movement landmark

The Los Angeles City Council voted unanimously Friday to allow the demolition of a 100-year-old building in the Westlake neighborhood that served as a Jewish landmark and later as a center for labor organizing in the city. The vote was a victory for Catholic Charities, which purchased the building, historically known as B'nai B'rith Lodge, […]

Steve Garvey’s win is a loss for California election reform

The Dodgers don't usually get intentional help from their arch-rivals, the Giants.But something strange happened in the California primary: Former Dodgers great and current Republican Senate candidate Steve Garvey advances to general election After being promoted almost entirely by other teams, along with Democratic Rep. Adam B. Schiff.Former National League MVP's long-term goal Senate race […]

The legacy — and disappointment — of Katie Porter’s Orange County revolution

Until Katie Porter won a House seat in 2018, being a Democrat in Orange County was like rooting for the Angels. who Do you have to, amirite? For decades, Republicans have held a majority of legislative, legislative, and supervisory seats in my home county. They maintained a robust ecosystem of candidates, gathering activists on school […]

Ex-probation chief’s suit alleges L.A. County fired him for being a whistleblower

Former Los Angeles County Probation Director Adolfo Gonzalez, who was fired last March after widespread malfunctions at the department's juvenile facilities, says in a lawsuit that he was fired for reporting severe staffing shortages to state regulators. It is claimed that. Mr. Gonzalez's two-year, one-month tenure was marked by near-constant controversy. But in a lawsuit […]