A bit of a breeze is expected this weekend | Weather

Tucson (KVOA) – Sunny skies and mild temperatures will continue through the weekend, but a very weak cold front could bring gusty winds Saturday afternoon. Southern Arizona is already drying and cooling, so other than occasional 15- to 20-mph winds, we don’t see any significant impact from the front. Temperatures in Tucson will remain in […]

Police at border have eye on ‘border operations centers’

(NewsNation) — The Cochise County, Arizona sheriff’s office is handling the matter independently, citing area officers saying they’ve been abused by smugglers and ignored by the Biden administration. For the first time along the southern border, local, state, and federal resources are coming together under one roof without federal funding. Together they will operate the […]

The Buzz: Arizona’s growing wine industry

Southern Arizona’s wine grapes date back to the days of Father Kino and the Spanish Mission, but the history of modern wine growing stretches back over the past 50 years and is studied by a professor at the University of Arizona. “It all started in the late 1970s when UA soil scientist Dr. Gordon Dutt […]

Something New About Obesity, Your Immune System, and COVID in Sierra Vista | National News

COVID health Big picture: Dr. Sherandra Bell said, “…we are learning new things about COVID every day.” In the news: A new study shows that when obese people become infected with COVID, their inflammatory immune response is “weakened”. more serious symptoms of COVID. Key Point: Higher levels of obesity-induced inflammation were expected in this study, […]

No deal on meet and confer with Sierra Vista firefighters

The Sierra Vista City Council voted 5-2 on Thursday to open the door to establish a meeting and consultation structure between the city and firefighters who are members of Sierra Vista’s local chapter, the Sierra Vista Professional Firefighters. did not approve the resolution to open the Professional firefighter in Arizona. The vote rested on whether […]

Border officials call for more federal resources

Nogales, Arizona (new nation) — Law enforcement officials say the fight to get rid of cartels is colliding with the fight against cartels trying to bring people and drugs into the U.S. Officials at the forefront of the sector, which leads the country in fentanyl seizures, feel they are fighting President Joe Biden’s administration for […]

Cold front bringing wind, chance of rain

Tucson, Arizona (13 News) – 13 News First Alert The weather team held a day of action on Wednesday, March 22nd due to wind and rain forecasts. A cold front will move through the state, bringing gusty winds, cooler temperatures, and the possibility of sporadic showers. Precipitation remains below 0.10 inches in most areas. A […]

Bipartisan effort seeks national park status for Chiricahua monument

Arizona Daily Star Eva Marie Hube Congressman Juan Ciscomani and Senator Mark Kelly partnered on a bill to upgrade the Chiricahua National Monument to a national park. Republican House members and Democratic senators introduced related legislation earlier this month to boost the status of about 12,000 acres of land. monument About 120 miles southeast of […]

Operation Blue Lotus targets fentanyl at the border

Ali Bradley and Tom Palmer 8 hours ago (new nation) — The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has launched operations to crack down on cartels and detect and seize fentanyl at ports of entry along the Southwest border. “Operation Blue Lotus will curb the flow of illegal fentanyl smuggled into the United States from Mexico […]