‘Freedom,’ ‘Baby’: Advocates Refine Abortion Messaging As 2024 Election Nears

According to Axios, the language surrounding the abortion debate has shifted in recent months, with both pro-abortion and pro-choice advocates using the words “baby” and “freedom” respectively in the lead-up to the 2024 election. He says he is searching for a message. Activists are asking voters to push their own agendas on the issue, and […]

BETSY MCCAUGHEY: Meet The Dems’ Latest Handout — Voting Rights For Noncitizens

If you think providing immigrants with luxury hotel rooms, free meals, laundry service, transportation, medical care, and immigration lawyers is excessive, wait until they can vote. Democrats are pushing to allow noncitizens to vote in local elections in cities like New York City and Boston, as well as across the state of Connecticut. The number […]

Watch The Moment Hamas Spokesman Loses It, Rips Off Mic In BBC Interview

A senior Hamas official lost the paper during an interview with the BBC after the host asked him about Hamas terrorists slaughtering sleeping Israeli families. Hamas top spokesperson Ghazi Hamad He told the BBC’s Hugo Bachega that there was no order to kill civilians. “You say this was a military operation, but it resulted in […]

Feds Don’t Know How Many Palestinians Are Crossing The Border, DCNF Reporter Says

Daily Caller News Foundation reporter Jenny Tarr told Sky News Australia on Thursday that federal authorities do not know exactly how many Palestinians are crossing the US border illegally. Federal border authorities are arresting Palestinian immigrants who entered the United States illegally and treating them as other nationalities, including Israeli, this reporter exclusively reported on […]

The Fall Classic Is Here! Andrew Powell Makes His 2023 World Series Pick

The World Series is here, folks! Yes, this could be an incredibly boring matchup on paper. Arizona Diamondbacks (84-78) and Texas Rangers (90-72)but this is still a fall classic, and despite the lack of marketability, there’s some sexiness here in the way both teams beat powerhouse nations to get here. The Diamondbacks not only defeated […]

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