Middle School Coach Reinstated After Suspension For Misgendering A Student

A middle school coach in Vermont has been reinstated after being suspended for alleged sex misconduct against a student by the school district, according to ABC News. Travis Allen, women’s soccer coach at Randolph Union Middle and High School lawsuit The superintendent of the Orange Southwest School District was suspended for posting a post on […]

‘A Sleeper Issue’: Fox News Personalities Discuss Biden Bribery Allegations

Fox News host Brett Byer and Fox News chief political analyst Britt Hume discussed the bribery allegations swirling around President Joe Biden on Monday’s episode of “Special Report.” Hume joined Byer to share his thoughts on the whistleblower’s comments that Vice President Biden allegedly traded foreign policy decisions in exchange for cash. An alleged whistleblower […]

Citizens Of Japan Rush To Take ‘Smiling’ Lessons After 3 Years Of COVID Masking

Reuters reports that Japanese citizens are increasingly seeking professional help to learn how to smile again after wearing masks during the coronavirus pandemic. At Keiko Kawano’s company Smile Education, the demand for teaching has more than quadrupled in the past year. Kono told Reuters.. Our customers range from sales professionals who want to strengthen their […]

Big Tech-Backed Group Tries To Kill California Bill Because It Could Help Conservative Media

The Chamber of Progress, a tech industry group backed by companies such as Google and Meta, recently issued a statement, conducting an investigation against the California Protection of Journalism Act (CJPA), which found the CJPA primarily a conservative media outlet. Suggested benefits to the organization. On Thursday, the California Congress passed the CJPA. The bill […]

Dozens Of NYC Churches To Shelter Migrants Amid Influx Of New Arrivals

About 50 chapels in New York City will begin accepting immigrants, according to local broadcaster Fox5 News. The new shelter, which opens in July, will bring relief to the city facing a housing crisis due to a surge in immigration. according to To FOX5 News.New York City accepted about 2,200 immigrants at one time week […]

Say It Ain’t So! Zlatan Ibrahimović Sadly Announces Retirement From Soccer

We have some sad news from the football world. Zlatan IbrahimovicThe AC Milan and Swedish superstar striker sadly announced his retirement on Sunday. With his contract expiring at the end of June and no plans to extend his injury-hit season, the 41-year-old has announced the end of his illustrious career. Ibrahimovic said at a press […]

JOSH HAMMER: America’s Leaders Are Way Too Old

President Joe Biden’s visceral shock fall on the podium to present diplomas to new graduates of the U.S. Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs on Thursday highlights a terrifying reality. not good. The sight of a Commander-in-Chief physically collapsing in front of Air Force Academy graduates is downright depressing for active servicemen, and telegraphs the […]

Signal Failure Blamed For Rail Disaster That Killed 275, Injured Hundreds in India

Preliminary investigations have revealed that an error in the electronic signaling system was responsible for one of India’s most devastating rail accidents in recent decades. 275 people were killed and more than 1,000 injured in a rail accident in eastern India’s Orissa state on Friday, it said. CNN. A statement by the Orissa government revealed […]