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CHARLIE KIRK: Kamala’s Latest Giveaway Is Like Trusting Bernie Madoff With Taxpayer Dollars. It Doesn’t Make Sense

Breaking news: Kamala Harris is totally incompetent.

She misunderstands basic facts. She can barely piece together her two sentences. And she never forgets to put on her rose-tinted glasses, prioritizing her personal ideological considerations over her common sense and reason.

So this socialist is a conventional financier to the federal government, which is now over $24 trillion in debt, even if it means extending taxpayer fraud to the public. It should come as no surprise to anyone that they want to increase their loan spending to near infinity beyond what they can comfortably afford. Songs worth millions and even billions of dollars.

“Money grows on trees,” said Harris, the second (or first?) commanding officer in the Harris-Biden administration. push It is to allow financial technology companies (fintechs) to increase lending to small businesses. She says working more closely with the Small Business Administration will help minority businesses receive more capital, helping reduce income inequality and other racial inequalities. .

problem? Aside from the fact that her plan will involve more money than the government has, most of the estimated funding comes from fintech companies. $80 billion Details of the fraud that occurred in the $800 billion Paycheck Protection Program.example Investigation and reporting The Party for All, published by James Cliburn, a staunch ally of Kamala Harris, came to this conclusion and was forgiven by fintech firms BlueAcorn and Womply, which were involved in nearly one in three PPP loans. It said the fraud committed was “obvious and preventable.”

Recent reports These fintech companies have been shown to have gone as far as approving PPP loan applications that used Barbie doll headshots to “verify” the borrower. They didn’t seem to care about protecting us or our interests. They seemed only interested in making a quick profit for themselves. They knew full well that the government pays not for how much it scrutinizes loan applications, but for how many loans it makes and approves.

But Kamala doesn’t seem to care. She wants more government loans and spending to advance her own ideological interests, even if there are clearly dire consequences to doing so, and the companies under the umbrella of the SBA She wants it now, even if it means sleeping with her. Suspended and under investigation.

This is the equivalent of giving the taxpayer’s money directly to Bernie Madoff because he has guaranteed unprecedented deal terms. It makes me laugh and makes no sense.

Once again, what happened to the Harris-Biden administration? do Recognize?

It is an administration called Claim cancer cured. It is the White House who thinks gas stoves are the devil and promises to imprison fossil fuel executives for no apparent reason. What it does, says and suggests will no longer surprise anyone.

Thankfully, MPs on both sides of the aisle are fighting Kamala, at least over her bizarre loan scheme.Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee voted It almost unanimously passed a bill that would prevent fintech companies from accessing taxpayer money the way the vice president wants. Then we have to get back the taxpayer money that fintech companies earned by enabling fraud.

All of this represents a step in the right direction, but our elected representatives need to do more to stop the incompetence and blatant abuse of power emanating from the Harris-Biden administration. They, especially the Republican-dominated House, must use their investigative and subpoena powers to uncover, analyze, and expose every nook and cranny of regulatory overreach and corruption by this dynamic duo. It’s the only way to keep taxpayers safe until the White House is replaced.

The views and opinions expressed in this commentary are those of the author and do not reflect the official position of The Daily Caller.

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