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Circle-K Fuel Day | Local

Tucson (KVOA) — Drivers around Arizona took advantage of Circle K Fuel Day. Drivers received a discount of 40 cents per gallon of gasoline at select locations.

“A friend called me and said there was a 40-cent discount on gas, so I went to the nearest Circle K,” driver Mary Page said.

Gas prices in Tucson have fallen at least 20 cents below the state average of $4.50, according to AAA.

Some people wonder why gas is so expensive in Tucson when it’s cheap in neighboring cities.

AAA spokesman Julian Paredes said, “Pima County is more populous, has a larger grid, and gas comes in from Texas, so it’s slower to come up than eastern counties.”

Initially, gas from Texas did not come to Arizona because refineries in Arizona and New Mexico were undergoing maintenance. That’s why the price jumped in the first place.

“We don’t know yet about the New Mexico refinery, but the Texas refinery is back up and running,” Paredes said.

Meanwhile, the drivers are feeling pump pain, but Paige is happy to have the day off.

“Unless the government stays where it is, this is only a temporary relief and will definitely hinder our ability to do business in an environment of high gasoline prices,” Page said.


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