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Cleaning products in Phoenix contain toxic chemicals. Doctor Explains | State

Big picture: Dr. Lindsay Boykprice “Cleaning around the house doesn’t necessarily mean using a ton of chemicals.”

In the news: New research shows that certain common chemical disinfectants and cleaning products include QACs May cause developmental and reproductive toxicity.

after reading this article You should try to strike a balance between cleanliness and safety. Whenever possible, choose safer cleaning methods such as soap and water. Also read the label to see what harsh chemicals are used in the detergent.

Main findings

Review of research, recently publishedindicates Quaternary Ammonium Compounds (QAC) Used in many antibacterial solutions commonly found in our cleaning solutions. The problem here is that many of these chemicals have not been tested for potential health hazards.

another problem The risk of antimicrobial resistance due to heavy use of chemical solutions containing QACs can lead to ‘superbugs’. These are infections that are resistant to currently available antibiotics. These “superbugs” are now responsible for millions of deaths worldwide.

researchers noted Individuals, schools and workplaces need to rethink how they clean. They recommend choosing safer cleaners and sanitizers. Regular cleaning with soap and detergent will remove most types of harmful bacteria from surfaces.

did you know: Use of disinfectants should be limited, protective measures such as gloves, eyeglasses, and safety glasses should be used, and adequate ventilation should always be employed.

did you know Does that mean about 12813.0 people died of some kind of cancer in Arizona in 2021?

Health Standard Newswire

doctor’s expert Insights into reducing chemical use in detergents

Know this: “You see, it is definitely important to practice good hygiene in a safe and natural way. Wash your hands regularly with hot water and soap.” at least 20 seconds It is the first line of defense against germs. Instead of relying too much on chemical disinfectants, consider: natural alternative Vinegar, baking soda, etc. for cleaning surfaces. Always remember that the key to a healthy environment is not only cleanliness, but also the careful use of detergents. ” Dr. Puja Appal of Family Medicine.

Next steps: Know that some chemical disinfectants can aggravate or even cause dermatitis. If any allergic reaction occurs, Please stop using the product immediately.

i live in phoenix The following cancer and health facts directly affect your health.

Flagstaff detergents contain toxic explains

Sierra Vista detergents contain toxic explains

Did you know that 5.6% of adults in Maricopa County have some form of cancer?

5.6% of adults in Maricopa County have COPD.

14.0% of adults living in Maricopa County have poor or normal health?

Chemical Use: Moderation is key.

What they say:

“Regulate QACs consistently across applications and agencies, and consider exposure from multiple sources when evaluating permissible concentrations, formulations, and conditions of use.

We require full disclosure of the exact QAC used in all products, their function (including non-antimicrobial applications such as material preservation and odor control), and the amount produced. Achieving full transparency from manufacturers will likely require changes in laws and regulations and cooperation across all relevant government agencies. ”Primary information)

“In the meantime, my colleagues and I recommend: individual, school and work Take a closer look at cleaning methods to see where disinfectants can be substituted. safe cleaner again safer sanitizer.

cleaning with soap or detergent Removes most types of harmful bacteria It’s like a new coronavirus infection from the surface. Disinfection can help kill any remaining microbes, but should be limited to circumstances. where people are actively sickSuch as vomiting on the surface or when certain illnesses occur. ”conversation)


journal environmental science and technology We published our findings: Association of Quaternary Ammonium Compounds: New Species of Concern (read here)

Phoenix indoor air pollution facts and statistics: (World Health Organization)

In 2020, an estimated 3.2 million people died annually from household air pollution, including more than 237,000 deaths in children under the age of five.

Health Standard Newswire

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