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Cleavage Is All Over The Place, All The Time

It may be a trend, or it may be just a sign of the times, but by all accounts, women and girls of all ages have never seen so much cleavage.

Boobs seem to be bouncing all over the place, and it’s not only distracting that it’s becoming so commonplace, it’s also weird. When did it become acceptable for girls to flaunt their bodies and show the world everything? This simply reflects the negative impact social media and celebrity influencers have on society. Some might argue that it only does. That’s a difficult point to ignore.

The problem, frankly, is that cleavage has become the norm, day and night, weekdays and weekends, at any time and in any situation. We see everything from teenage girls in skimpy tops to adult women dressed as if they’re going to a club when they’re not.

Boobs are flying around in supermarkets and on the streets, and teens and young girls are showing off their cleavage in parks, on public transport, and everywhere else cleavage didn’t exist before.

This puts men in an awkward situation. It’s hard not to notice, but more often than not it’s weird and totally inappropriate to look at.

There seems to be no solution to the self-consciousness that seems to be eroding with every like or follow that boosts a young woman’s self-esteem on social media. Social media encourages this behavior. (Related: ‘My own fucking body’: Izzy Azalea takes pride in making money on OnlyFans)

With megastars like Megan Fox going all out on Instagram, and sports idols and influencers alike posing in provocative social media posts, we’re joining the ranks of near-naked supermodels. Isn’t it strange that flaunting cleavage has become the norm in today’s society?

Whatever the reason or motive for many women to leave the house wearing such revealing clothes, one thing is clear. It looks like this cleavage pandemic will be around for a while, meaning boobs are still bouncing all over the place.

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