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CNN Commentator Calls Biden’s ‘Populist’ Economy ‘Silly’

CNN commentator Katherine Rampel said Friday that President Joe Biden's “populist” economic message is “ridiculous.”

Biden has recently begun criticizing corporate greed for “shrinkflation,” or shrinking the size of products to cut costs. Rampel said the president should stop touting his economic message and instead criticize former President Donald Trump for his inflationary policies.

“I think a lot of Mr. Biden's economic messages are a little bit ridiculous,” Lampel said. “For example, the anti-inflation bills that he supported. Shrinkflation may be more pronounced today, but it's really not as common as it was a few years ago. That sort of thing. These are kind of populist It's a hot topic, and he hopes to show the American people that the Biden administration is fighting to line its own pockets.”

Experts told the Daily Caller News Foundation that companies are resorting to reducing product sizes in response to inflationary conditions exacerbated by Biden administration policies. The president made multiple statement This suggests that companies are trying to make more money from people who are under financial stress.

Mr. Lampel suggested that Mr. Biden criticize Mr. Trump, who acknowledged that the economy was “much better” in “many ways.” (Related: 'Ruth Bader Biden': Bill Maher calls Biden 'selfish' as ​​he runs for president)

“That being said, I actually think where Biden and the Democrats have more to work with is talking about Trump's economic policies, because people remember that the economy was much better under President Trump. But that's because, in many ways, whether it's because of him or not, President Trump will implement a number of policy proposals that will worsen inflation,” Lambell said.

“Right? He wants 10% tariffs worldwide. We know these tariffs have been passed on to consumers in the past. The same thing will happen under the Trump administration. ” Lambell said. “That means higher prices for the average person.”

Lambell continued his criticism of the former president, claiming that Trump wants to “shut down” legal immigration. The Washington Post columnist encouraged Biden to “make a strong case” bashing Trump and repeated his advice for the president to abandon the “shrinkflation” issue.

“So why is he better for the economy than talking about these kinds of stupid, frivolous policies that Biden might not really, really help with, but what he's proposing sounds good?” If he wants to make a strong case, he could draw attention to the metrics that Americans say they care about, things that would actually have a negative impact on things like inflation and salary growth. '' concluded Lambell.

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