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CNN Commentator Says ‘Big Lie Of 2024’ Comes From Biden Campaign

CNN senior political commentator Scott Jennings said President Joe Biden's campaign's claim that his performance in the presidential debates was an anomaly is “the big lie of 2024.”

White House aides and campaign staff blamed Biden's dismal performance on the cold and insisted he appeared alert and energetic at post-debate events. White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre assured reporters on Tuesday that the White House has been transparent about Biden's health and cognitive status.

Jennings said Biden's performance at the debate was truly his “best form” and raised questions about who is actually running the United States.

“I think the Big Lie of 2024 is the idea that what happened to Joe Biden on Thursday night was an anomaly or an anomaly, and now Alex Thompson of Axios has credibly reported that a cover-up has been going on for three years to keep Joe Biden away from other people and to stop people from realizing how terrible it was,” Jennings said.

Biden's aides reportedly hid the president from the public to hide his mental health, Axios reportCurrent and former White House aides have sounded warnings to the president, acknowledging that this debate was not his first “bad day.”

“I know a lot of these people, and I know how the White House operates,” said Chandler West, a former deputy White House photographic director. “They'll say Joe just 'has a cold,' or 'wasn't feeling well last night,' but for weeks and months now, they've all been privately saying, as they saw last night, that Joe is not doing as well as he was a few years ago.” (Related: Biden's debate night was bad, but Tuesday might have been even worse)

Many White House aides, who had distanced themselves from the president throughout his first term, were also shocked by what they saw at the debate, according to Axios.

Jennings cited a New York Times article saying aides had expressed concern about Biden sitting in the same room as other world leaders.

“Joe Biden told Democratic donors last night that he was feeling bad Thursday night because of an international trip that ended 12 days before the debate,” Jennings said. “What you saw Thursday night was Joe Biden at his best. Seven days of rest, preparation with his top staff. That was Joe Biden at his best. Honestly, I've stopped worrying about the race. And I have one question: Who's running the White House now, who's making the decisions now? I'm not so worried about the election in January. I'm worried about it now.”

“There are serious problems at play right now, and I don't believe Joe Biden can solve these problems today, much less in seven months' time,” he continued.

The debate raised voter concerns about the 81-year-old president's age and mental ability to serve a second term. Former President Donald Trump was ahead 41% to 38% after the debate, compared with a 37%-37% margin of error in the previous poll in May, according to a USA Today/Suffolk University poll. vote.

Biden's team has been unable for months to agree to a debate with Trump, who has been demanding the president take part in one.

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