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CNN Host Presses Kamala’s Ex-Comms Director On VP’s New Messaging ‘Shift’

A CNN host on Monday’s “CNN This Morning” panel questioned the former communications manager about “changes” in Vice President Kamala Harris’ new message.

Moderators asked Jamal Simmons, a former public affairs director, about the 2024 Republican presidential nominees targeting Vice President instead of just focusing on President Joe Biden.


When it was Mr. Simmons’ turn, he claimed that the criticism of Mr. Harris was a “bank shot” to attack Biden. (Related article: Kamala Harris says ‘it’s been a good week’ amid low approval ratings and ‘dysfunctional’ reports)

“This is a very complicated argument for the Republican Party and it’s stupid. Bankshot, right? You have to hit Kamala Harris to go after Joe Biden, but that’s telling voters to do two things at once.” And that seems to me to be a simpler argument, you think Joe Biden should be president or you don’t think Joe Biden should be president It’s either: I think it’s a bit more complicated to go after the vice president, and voters don’t usually make strategic voting decisions.They vote who they want.”

Quoted by CNN host Poppy Harlow. piece The New York Times called Harris a “one-woman quick-response operation” as she began to become more vocal about legalizing abortion and denounce Florida’s educational curriculum on African-American history. named.

The majority of Americans continue to disapprove of the Vice President. Harris has a 52% disapproval rating and a 39% approval rating. according to To Five Thirty Eight.

In June, Mr. Harris’ vice president favorability rating was the lowest in NBC News poll history with a net negative rating of -17.

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