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CNN Panelist Says Republican SOTU Response ‘Fell Flat’ With Women Because Katie Britt Was ‘Put’ In Kitchen

CNN panelist Alyssa Farrah Griffin said Thursday night that the Republican Party's response to President Biden's State of the Union address put Republican Alabama Sen. Katie Britt in the kitchen, making support for women “unpopular.” said.

Following President Joe Biden's State of the Union address, Britt offered a Republican response, criticizing Biden's policies on the economy, border and foreign affairs that are impacting Americans across the country. Griffin responded to Britt's speech, saying the Alabama senator hit key points for her party but that her rendition was “very strange” because she appeared to be in the kitchen. . (Related: Exclusive: Sen. Katie Britt introduces bill to prevent illegal immigrants from voting in federal elections)

“So listen, Katie Britt is definitely a rising star among Republicans. I think it was a smart choice. She's an incredibly impressive person. She ran a smart race in Alabama. But I have to say that this presentation was strange to me: a woman can be a wife, a mother, and a politician,” Griffin said.

“So to have her in the kitchen, rather than in front of a podium or in the Senate chamber where she was hard-fought elected, I think was very out of line and confusing to some women watching. It was an opportunity. I think her focus on the border and the economy is what Republicans wanted to hear. The substance of what she said was great. The direction was very, very strange.”

Britt, a former president and CEO of the Alabama Business Council, defeated Alabama Representative Mo Brooks in June 2022 to become the youngest Republican woman to enter the Senate at age 42. Selected. The Alabama senator received particular support from former President Donald Trump after he withdrew his initial support for Brooks.

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