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Comedian Garrett Morris Dishes On Surviving Brutal Attempted Robbery Which Landed Him In Hospital

Garrett Morris vividly recalled the life-changing events of 1994 in an exclusive interview with PEOPLE published Saturday.

Morris detailed an attempted robbery he experienced when he deviated from his routine to buy juice. The paper said Morris, known for his rebellious spirit, was seriously injured after complying with the attackers' demands.

“I said, 'Oh, somebody's looking for a fight,' and the guy shot me. It ricocheted off my lumbar vertebra number 5. That's the only reason I survived. . Doctors told me I might never be able to walk or run again,” the comedian said. people.

Morris suffered gunshot wounds to his arm and chest. according to to the New York Times. The newspaper said he was diagnosed in critical condition at Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital after emergency surgery.

According to reports, the suspects approached Morris in a south-central Los Angeles area where he had taken his car for maintenance. Morris claimed he had no money and was shot twice by the attacker, the paper said. (Related article: Police arrest two surprising young suspects on suspicion of attempted knife robbery)

Despite being seriously injured, Morris defied the odds and recovered. Ms Morris, 87, has limitations due to her age and arthritis, which she acknowledged requires the use of a walker to get around. But his spirits are undone, PEOPLE noted, especially with the excitement surrounding director Jason Reitman's upcoming “Saturday Night Live” movie “1975.” The film will revisit the era that made Morris famous, with Lamorne Morris (no relation) set to play a young Garrett. According to the paper, Morris thought Michael B. Jordan might play the role before his official casting was announced.

Reflecting on his remarkable journey since his days as the first black cast member of “SNL” 50 years ago, Morris is grateful for the countless experiences his career has brought him, the newspaper reported. He is currently channeling this wealth of memories and insights into his autobiography and projects he is currently working on.

“I'm working on it right now,” the actor and comedian further shared. “There's still so much I want to talk about!”

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