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Commanders Are Returning Part Of Their History With Gold Pants … Could We Ever Get The Full Thing With The Redskins?

Oh I wish the “Washington Redskins” brand would come back…how iconic that would be.

The Washington Commanders 2018 That all changes in 2024, however, when he returns as part of the team's uniform rotation.

Multiple photos of Washington were released on Tuesday showing off the historic pants. (RELATED: Steelers' Cameron Sutton suspended eight games for violating NFL personal conduct policy)

For more than four decades, since the team relocated from Boston before the 1937 season, the gold pants have been an iconic part of the team's uniform.

Washington began using gold uniforms in 1937 and they remained in the team's rotation all the way through the end of the 1978 season. In 1979, the team retired the gold uniforms and transitioned to burgundy and white pants.

It's been hit and miss from there, with the Commanders last using it in 2018.

Former Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III posted an interesting tweet after the pants were revealed, and it was all about the iconic Washington Redskins branding.

No doubt the majority of Commanders fans would support a return of the Redskins, something the DMV (Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia) has been vigorously debating for years.

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