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Conservative pundits are increasingly open about who they think should be killed

McDonald said on Fox News’ Laura podcast, “For activists, it’s silly to have a race card here and now, but if the government isn’t willing to protect its people, some degree of vigilante justice is possible. I will accept it,” he said. Ingraham. “And as far as I know, this man, as we know it now, is the hero of the city.”

“And if Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg files any criminal charges against him, there should be a public uprising. The reason he was there was that Alvin Bragg because they refuse to enforce the

Fox & Friends Co-host Rachel Campos-Duffy made a similar point.

“I think this is very important as a culture. It needs to send a very clear message about how we feel about heroes who step in and protect people in need.” she said. “Now imagine being in that car. You know, we’re raising our sons to intervene and protect the vulnerable. But when we see this and see people who are put in prison for trying to protect the weak, we wonder: Our children have the right to intervene and protect people. Do you want us to be men, or do we want men in our culture, just people who film crime on their cell phones?”

Later in the show, Fox News contributor Leo Terrell also echoed Campos-Duffy.

“Jordan is an insane person with a history of insane behavior, but there are other people in custody of this person,” Terrell said. “Without intent, Marlene is a hero. He’s a hero.”

The list goes on. Both Walsh and Turning Point USA founder Charlie Kirk called Penny a “hero.”So did rape apologists Mike Chernovich and Scott Adams, the openly racist author of the cartoon Dilbert. Federalist contributor Peachy Keenan (pseudonym) Mention As an example of “the bravest and most selfless hero” for Penny. PragerU founder Dennis Prager read crypto-fascist online personality Amy Therese’s tweets in approval, calling Penny a “hero” as well.

“Exactly,” said Mr. Praeger. “They don’t want that spirit to spread. They want a country of cowards.”

Praise continued and escalated after the appointment of Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg Paid Penny was charged with second-degree manslaughter, including from the phony lofty agency of conservative commentators.echo Tweet From Governor DeSantis, Editorial Board of The Wall Street Journal Mention He denounced Penny as one of the “good Samaritans” and said that “accusations against him confirm other Samaritans who might intervene to subdue a seemingly dangerous individual or thwart a robbery or assault.” It will discourage people,” he worried.

In The New York Times, conservative Trump commentator David French raised a related counterfactual aimed at exonerating, or at least making excuses for, Penny. “If Penny hadn’t done anything? Would everyone, including Neely, have gotten out of the subway car unscathed?” French I have written. “We cannot know for sure. That lack of certainty creates the conditions for violence.”

Fox News on-air talent uniformly praised Penny. Ingraham responded to the accusations by calling Penny a “hero” and “deserving of thanks”. Five!’s Greg Gutfeld called Bragg’s decision “pro-criminal, anti-hero.” The next day, Fox News’ Will Kane said on the same show, “This was not only a rational act on Daniel Penney’s part, but a potentially heroic act on Daniel Penney’s part.” Let me be clear, our society needs more Daniel Penny. ” upon american newsroomFOX’s Gerard Rivera predicted that Neely’s death would be ruled a “justifiable homicide” and implicitly endorsed that conclusion.

Others in the right-wing media participated as well. YouTube streamer Tim Poole tweeted He called Penny a “Good Samaritan on the subway” and said he donated $20,000 to a fundraiser in support of Penny.

Walsh publicly celebrated Neely’s death, calling the victim a “terrible person.”

“The community is better off without him. For example, everyone is safer without him,” Walsh said. “This community pretends to be sad, but they’re better off without this guy. Now that he’s gone, you’re safe.”

The list exemplifies the reaction of conservative media, whose collective, reflexive justification and celebration of white killing people of color extends well beyond Neely’s death.

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