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Cop Injured After Viral Tumble Down Playground Slide

Video footage of a Boston police officer who fell off a children’s slide and landed face down went viral online, Boston 25 News reported.

According to the newspaper, the video showed a uniformed police officer challenging a slide at a newly renovated playground in Boston’s City Hall Square. Exit.

A loud bang echoes through the tube as he slides down the slide. He then emerges feet first, his face down, into the opening of the slide and rockets onto the rubber surface of the playground. (Related: Children burn on acid-poisoned playground slides)

The stunned policeman yelled “damn it” as he rolled on the rubber surface, and people in the room could be heard laughing and asking why he was sliding so fast.

“[The officer] I was injured and used my personal medical insurance for treatment. He went back to work immediately,” Sergeant John Boyle said. new york post.

The video has racked up millions of views on TikTok and has been flooded with humorous comments.

“You should quit the unit now.Like a Diet Coke can coming out of a vending machine, forever sliding down the Internet? How do you step inside the precincts? ‘ commented one user.

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