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Counties test election equipment to try to ensure accurate results

This is the view of the Yuma County Registrar, Election Services Office. County officials across Arizona have reassured the public that their equipment has been thoroughly tested to ensure that only valid ballots are being counted for the Nov. 8 election. (Photo Credit: Tiffany Anderson/Yuma County Election Commissioner)

County officials across the state have reassured the public that the equipment has been thoroughly tested to ensure that only valid ballots are being counted for the Nov. 8 election.

Over the past few years, Arizona has audit The 2020 poll has been extended until the summer. In a historic upset, Arizona turned blue for the first time in decades. Republicans called for a thorough review of the election, counting ballots by hand and asking for cooperation. cyber ninjaa third-party company investigating cracks in the voting process.

Coconino County Elections Director Esril Musta said the 2020 election denial has affected everyone “across the board” and counties have repeatedly conducted internal inspections to ensure a smooth process on Election Day. said there is.

A test of election equipment in Yuma County was also conducted.

“We will program and fully test each election tool before locking and sealing it on Election Day. It is tested (tested for logic and accuracy) by,” said Yuma County Elections Commissioner Tiffany Anderson.

After months of analysis, it turns out that Joe Biden won Arizona State in 2020. However, many still deny this result.

In an Oct. 21 press release, the Carter Center referenced the upcoming midterm elections and verified the accuracy of its voting and tallying equipment.

Maricopa County also continues to assure voters that the process is safe every step of the way.

“There are checks and balances throughout the process to ensure that only valid ballots are counted and the results themselves are accurate. So one of those steps is logic and accuracy testing. “Tests are conducted before and after each election,” said Megan Gilbertson, director of public affairs for the Maricopa County Elections Authority.

“We also have bipartisan staff throughout the process, whether it’s on the bipartisan processing committee or ballot tallying. I truly believe it’s very important to us,” Gilbertson said.

Despite this security, many voters and some candidates do not believe the results of the last election. According to Politifact, currently January 2022 About 35% of Americans don’t believe the 2020 election results.

I don’t think the full impact has yet been elucidated. But we see some of that going on in Cochise and Pinal counties, and possibly La Paz county oversight boards as well. ” Mr Anderson said.

of Carter Center is an Atlanta-based organization founded by former President and First Lady Jimmy and Rosalyn Carter in partnership with Emory University. According to the center’s website, the Carter Center “seeks to prevent and resolve conflict, strengthen freedom and democracy, and improve health.”

Election denial continues to have real-world consequences as armed poll monitors are seen standing by ballot box in Arizona.

federal judge November 1st An emergency temporary ban was issued against dropbox monitors, banning monitors from filming or following voters within 75 feet of the dropbox. U.S. District Judge Michael Liburdi said an Arizona resident said he was harassed while putting ballots in a drop-box, and that he intended to vote in a drop-box but voted by other means due to voter intimidation. I heard the testimony of witnesses who said they were deaf.

Anderson said he was “satisfied” with the decision to issue a temporary restraining order “so that voters are not intimidated when exercising their voting rights.”

According to a Carter Center report, nine counties tested the voting and counting devices and approved them in early October. This instrument has been tested for logic and accuracy and approved to detect and correct errors. Democrats and Republicans attended the device test, and the device was ready for Election Day, Nov. 8.

The Carter Center encouraged polling stations to do more to inform the public about the importance of voting. Counties are required to give voters 48 hours’ notice of their polling place. This information may also be posted on the county website or anywhere voters can access it.

according to Article 203 According to the Voting Rights Act, a voting jurisdiction is secondary if more than 5% of citizens of a monolingual group of voting age “cannot speak or understand sufficient English to participate in the electoral process.” You must provide voting instructions in your language.

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Voters cast their ballots in a secure ballot box at the Maricopa County Counting and Election Center in Phoenix on November 1. (AP Photo/Matt York)

This is important because Arizona has a large Spanish-speaking population. Because many Native American languages ​​are spoken, including Hopi and Navajo, polling places provide audio recordings of voting instructions. The polling place not only offers ballots in Spanish, but also audio recordings of instructions in Spanish.

The Carter Center also announced a pilot program to send impartial citizens to observe the voting process in nine Arizona counties. These are Apache, Cochise, Coconino, Graham, La Paz, Maricopa, Navajo, Pima and Pinal counties. Observers use a checklist of questions related to testing information, the voting environment, the bipartisan nature of the test, adherence to procedures, and errors detected and corrected during the voting process.

According to the Carter Center, the bipartisan electoral process is so important to the public interest that citizens should observe and evaluate polling places to ensure that the process is credible and fair. I think it is important. They argue that well-founded, factual reporting can help combat misinformation and provide solutions when problems arise.

In Coconino County, all paper ballots are taken to a central location for counting, Musha said. The county ensures that polling and election staff and volunteers are a nonpartisan group.

Anderson is confident in the county’s ability to defuse any tense situation, even as he welcomes bipartisan observers from the Carter Center.

“Our election officials are well trained,” she said. “We are in constant contact with each polling place on Election Day and encourage vote center inspectors to welcome political observers. We have strong partnerships with local political parties. This allows us to quickly resolve any issues raised by the wardens.”


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