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Crafted with Love in Sedona:Sedona Beer Company Opens New Basecamp Location in West Sedona

SEDONA, Ariz. — In the heart of Sedona, Sedona Beer Co. co-founder Kari Gajewski has created a unique hospitality experience, balancing the demands of a tourist-driven market with a strong commitment to sustainability and community.

The new Base Camp in West Sedona is designed to meet the needs of the local market and provide a relaxed beer garden atmosphere. This new location is Sedona Beer Company Not only will it preserve the original Uptown taproom and brewery site, it will strengthen ties to the local community and provide a welcoming space for residents and visitors to enjoy craft beer.

Navigating a unique market

Sedona Beer Company is located in a town of about 9,000 residents, yet known for attracting nearly 4 million tourists annually. Cali points out the challenges and benefits of this environment, from strict city regulations to the diverse influx of tourists. “Our markets are very different,” Cali explains. “It's a delicate balance catering to both locals and the huge number of tourists. We've had to be very strategic in our approach.”

Sustainability at its core

One of the brewery's unique selling points is its sustainable efforts. Sedona Beer Company sources nearly all of its base malt from Sinagua malt, an effort that significantly conserves water resources in the Verde Valley. “It would be a mistake to be in the water business and not pay attention to your water usage, especially in the Southwest,” Cari says. This effort also extends to a goal of sourcing locally sourced ingredients that minimize environmental impact. “We try to be as local as possible,” she adds. “Our barley is grown and malted locally, which significantly reduces our water usage and supports local farmers.”

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Team First Philosophy

Kari's background in social work is reflected in her management style, which focuses on employee well-being. The brewery offers full health insurance, including vision and dental, and a matching 401(k), ensuring employees feel valued and secure. “Taking care of our employees is a top priority,” she says. “We offer comprehensive benefits and foster a positive work environment. Our goal is to maintain a happy, healthy staff, which translates into a better experience for our guests.”

Craft beverage growth and challenges

As they open their second location, Basecamp, in West Sedona, Cali emphasizes the importance of owning land in order to have more control. Despite development challenges, such as a lengthy power upgrade process, the new location offers a unique beer garden experience and supports the brewery's vision for regional expansion. “We wanted to create a space with a different feel than our original location,” Cali explains. “Basecamp has a more relaxed atmosphere and focuses on outdoor seating and food trucks. It's a challenge, but owning the land gives us stability and allows us to invest in long-term sustainability.”

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