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Crybaby Ace Gerrit Cole Mad That Beefy Slugger Took His Time On Home Run Trot… Maybe Don’t Give Up Home Runs Bud

New York Yankees ace Gerrit Cole dropped a huge bomb on the Blue Jays' Daniel Vogelbach during Friday's spring training game, then whined about Vogelbach celebrating a dinger.

“So, what day is it? Is it still February? March 1st? Yeah, he was having fun with that home run,” Cole said, per Yankees beat reporter Brian Hock.

Mr Hock said Mr Cole, a crybaby, would never forget Mr Vogey's long trot, adding: “I don't forget a lot of things.''

I have an idea, Gerrit. If you don't want a man to go on a slow trot, don't let him bomb in the first place.

As for “What day is it today?”, if March 2nd is too early to brag about home runs, then it's too early to act tough just because a man stole your garden. It's too much. Cry about it.

As a Mets fan, I watched Vogelbach struggle throughout the 2023 season. His performance hit rock bottom during a dark season when the notoriously negative New York fan base took notice of Danny Burgers. (Related: MLB's worst umpire is already in midseason form)

I can't imagine how amazing that bombshell must have been for him considering how depressed he was at times. So Gerrit, let's get the stick out of his ass and let his colleague enjoy the moment. God forbid someone has a little fun while playing a literal children's game.

It's also worth mentioning that Vogelbach is a huge human being. He's listed at 6 feet and 270 pounds, but this stocky kid is by no means agile. With many players still shaking off the rust this early in the season, Vogelbach hasn't had any notable performances and may simply not be up to game speed yet.

This just makes the complaining calls look even stupider. You hit a home run, Gerrit, it's okay.

There's no need to cry over that.

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