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Daily Caller Columnist Criticizes, Laughs At ‘The View’ Co-Hosts’ ‘Glorious’ Reaction To Historical Family Discovery

Daily Caller columnist Mary Luke told Newsmax on Friday that her “The View” co-hosts were “stunning” for discovering that a panel member's ancestors may have been slave owners. He criticized the reaction and laughed it off.

Luke appears on 'Carl Higbie Frontline' reveals part of 'The View' co-host Sunny Hostin's family tree 'probably' consists of slave owners He talked about his recent reactions to this. hostin She participated in the PBS documentary “Finding Your Roots,” which details her family's ancestral background, and her episode was released on February 6th.

Since the hostin was discovered, her fellow “The View” co-hosts reacted He learned the information when he and panel member Joy Behar comforted Hostin and discussed details of her family background. (Related: 'The View' co-host calls Biden the 'weakest president' of his lifetime. Fellow co-hosts weren't happy)

“This is truly the prime time of my life,” Luke said. “I think it's funny and the fact that part of the video was cut out is Joy Behar saying, 'You're not responsible for what they did.' It's the best place.”

“That's kind of what we've been saying for years, obviously,” Luke continued. “Every time you bring up the discussion of reparations. No, I am not responsible for what my great-grandfather did, just as you are not responsible for what my great-grandparents did. The children are not responsible for the sins of their fathers. There should be no redemption. That was the whole point of our culture. And if he said to her, “Oh, yeah, your family owned slaves,” and she said, “Well, well, this is it. It's really great to see her actually getting hot under the collar when she says “That's not what I really wanted to hear today.” “”

hostin I have made frank statements. advocate slave reparations for African Americans; Even after learning that there were slave owners in her family, Hostin said she still “believes in reparations” and stopped calling her a “white girl” who “doesn't deserve reparations.” He called on people to stop.

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