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Daily Caller Columnist Mary Rooke Rips Corporate Media And Dems Over 2020 Election, Says ‘Rigged’ Contains ‘Truth’

Daily Caller columnist Mary Luke criticizes mainstream media and the Democratic Party's role in the 2020 election on iHeart Radio and explains why the company's new documentary “Rigged” contains “truth” for voters. explained.

Luke appeared on “Kenny Webster's Pursuit of Happiness” to talk about the Daily Caller's new documentary “Rigged,” where he talks about America's electoral system and how many people believe the 2020 election was stolen. Detailed facts leading to the reason. Podcast host Kenny Webster began by asking Luke to break down the key points of the documentary and explain them to listeners. (Related: “Rigging”: The Death of the American Voter | Trailer Now Available)

Luke said Rigged aims to “take a hard look at the less talked about aspects” of the 2020 election and understand why voters are “less distrustful” of the media and state institutions. He said the purpose was to highlight the reasons. The Daily Caller columnist went on to detail the facts in the film pointing to the strange “election problems” of the 2020 election and the funding from big donors who were primarily supporting Democratic areas.

“What we really wanted to do was dissect the less talked about aspects of the 2020 election and highlight why voters are so distrustful of national media and state institutions. The idea was that something would happen and spread so widely that everyone would see what happened and then cover it up and the American public would just say, “Well, that was weird.'' You can't expect it. Let's stop talking about it. ”Especially not when he has 2024 right around the corner. We're going to see a lot of these different kinds of activities happening in the future. So what we wanted to do was participate. I mean, we've all heard about machines and ballots and all that stuff. But what happened behind the scenes before an election was held to rig it against American voters?'' Luke asked.

“One of the things we found was that six states were separated by just 10,000 votes…I think Georgia was actually 11,000 votes, but in each of those states, all There was extensive documentation on state election issues, and I can't say for myself or for the American people that something strange wasn't happening. That’s why I haven’t.”

“When Mark Zuckerberg and two other donors donated $450 million in the name of increasing election infrastructure, and then it was revealed that all that infrastructure was going to Democratic fields. It was essentially the most expensive Democratic “Get Out to Vote” campaign ever constructed in our nation's history. And nothing like this has ever happened before. People need to understand that there were real election problems that took away votes from the American people,” Luke said.

After receiving Luke's explanation, Webster began to speak. discuss Hunter Biden's infamous laptop and the big role it played in the last election. Information from President Joe Biden's son's laptop was released on legacy media and major social media nearly a month before voters headed to the polls to decide who will be the 46th president in a showdown between Biden and former President Donald Trump. Censored by the platform. (Related: Election in Crisis: Daily Caller's 'Fraud' Exposes 2020 Election Results)

Asked about reports about Hunter's laptop, Biden denied the allegations, citing a letter from 51 former national intelligence officials that incorrectly labeled the laptop archives as a “Russian intelligence operation.” Luke said the Daily Caller was one of the “first” media companies to verify the contents of Hunter's laptop, and that nearly three years later, in early January, the Department of Justice confirmed the validity of the contents of Hunter's laptop. It was the first time that it was officially recognized.

“The Daily Caller was one of the first media companies to verify what was inside the laptop and confirm that it was authentic. And the fact that these types of reports were downgraded by Facebook's algorithm. we know. [and] On Twitter. The release of this information to the American public was blocked. Because when you know the truth and you're weaponizing some kind of truth and putting it in your pocket, it becomes harder for intelligence agencies to tell you. To convince you that you are lying or something different. That's the scary thing about the media,” Luke said.

“[The American people] Media companies need to ask the hard questions and tell the truth. What's really great about Rigged is that not only does it contain the truth behind what happened in the 2020 election, but it's depicted in a beautiful and engaging way that makes you want to keep watching. I think. ”

“Rigged,” which was released on January 26, explores historical aspects of America’s voting system to give viewers the understanding they need to understand why the 2020 election turned out the way it did. It is explained in detail. The company's documentaries provide viewers with the information they need about elections through in-depth coverage of funds and messages.

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