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Daily Caller Reporter Reagan Reese Questions Details Of Hunter Biden’s Testimony, Says GOP Need To ‘Push More’

Daily Caller White House correspondent Regan Reese on Friday questioned details of Hunter Biden's recent closed-door testimony to Congressional leaders on Newsmax, saying Republicans are pushing “more pressure” on the president's son. He said there was a need to apply

Reese appeared on “Carl Higbie's Frontline” and spoke about Hunter Biden on the House Oversight Committee as House Republicans continue their impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden and his son's alleged involvement in foreign business dealings. We discussed the release of testimony records.

Newsmax host Carl Higbie tells Daily Caller reporters his thoughts on digging deep into the record and whether he thinks even “moderate Democrats” are starting to see Hunter Biden's testimony as weak. I asked if it was possible. (Related: Hunter Biden 'can't remember' one thing he remembers about the meeting: His father wasn't involved)

“I was in the office late last night counting how many times Hunter Biden said, 'I don't remember' the details of his father's business meetings and foreign transactions,” Reese said. “But as you mentioned, the only thing he remembers is that his father wasn't involved. But he didn't know any important details about these meetings or what they asked him. So, Karl, my question is, in the first place, if you don't remember any of these important details or things about business meetings or foreign transactions, then it's probably because your father wasn't involved. How can we trust Hunter's testimony?”

“So there seems to be a definition switch going on here,” Lesse continued. “What we're referring to are loans that Republicans view as bribes. Again, when people lie or don't tell the truth, Hunter Biden I'm not entirely sure if they do, but they start contradicting themselves. They start changing their narrative, changing the facts, but they don't have all the answers. That's definitely something that should be questioned about this testimony. I think Republicans should push Hunter Biden more — especially considering the number of times he didn't seem to remember the details. Republicans need to get back to Hunter Biden.”

Reese went on to cite the Democrats' “talking point” of blaming Hunter Biden's well-known drug addiction for his inability to remember certain aspects of business transactions. Hunter Biden said at least 29 times that he could not recall information about his own business, according to records released Thursday.

The president's son has been in the media spotlight since initial reports about his infamous laptop revealed key aspects of his overseas dealings. Republicans on the House Oversight Committee continue to highlight the evidence uncovered, arguing that Hunter Biden's dealings allowed President Joe Biden to profit from them. The investigation also alleges that Hunter Biden's transactions spanned seven continents and involved large amounts of shell companies and wire transfers.

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