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‘Damaging Our Country’: RFK Jr. Calls Out Massive Consequences Caused By Border Crisis

Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr. spoke on Fox News Tuesday about the grave impact of the ongoing southern border crisis across the country.

President Kennedy appeared on “Jesse Watters Prime Time” to share his thoughts on President Joe Biden's response to the situation at the southern border. Fox host Jesse Watters asked Kennedy whether he thought Biden was a “national security threat” because of the impact illegal immigration has on the country.

Kennedy appeared to avoid condemning Biden, but he did condemn a recent viral video that showed an MSNBC panel laughing after hearing that immigration was a top concern for voters in Virginia. (Related: New York City authorities crack down on another store that illegally shelters immigrants)

“Well, I'm disappointed to see MSNBC hosts Joy Reid, Rachel Maddow, and Jen Psaki mocking middle-class Americans who are worried about what's happening at the border. “We did,” President Kennedy said. “What is happening at the border is unsustainable and unacceptable in any country in the world. We are watching closely, but Mexican drug cartels should not control U.S. border policy.” It's not racist to say that. I've been there twice and it's really scary. There are 7 million people who got free tickets to walk across the border. They Many can go to their desired destinations.”

“As the mayor pointed out, [Eric] New York City's Adams said this is an existential threat to New York City,” Kennedy continued. “He wasn't exaggerating. New York City had to cut its police budget, sanitation budget, education and health care budget by 5% to prepare for the influx of immigrants coming into the city. Now, There is an encampment on Randall's Island, which serves as a playground for New York public schools.

“So for two and a half years during the coronavirus pandemic, these kids, many of whom were on scholarships, weren't able to play sports, and a lot of their hopes for some kind of life were ruined. '' Kennedy said. “Today they can't play again because illegal immigrants are camping on the streets. And the immigrants are being looted and it's become a humanitarian crisis for them as well. We saw it at the border. They're being turned into cartels. Before we met, they were exploited, extorted, and subjected to many rapes, robberies, and brutalities. Even though they came here, they couldn't work legally, so they were paid $8, $9, $10 an hour. They're being ripped off by unscrupulous employers who pay them $12. There are contractors in New York who hire them, and they're competing with union shops for work. So it's hurting everyone. It's us. It is causing damage to the country.”

The Blue City has been able to accommodate a significant number of immigrants since Texas began busing them in last year. Democratic New York Mayor Eric Adams has gone back and forth on the issue, recently saying the city needs to “fix” its “sanctuary city law.” But in February, Mr. Adams announced a new $53 million taxpayer-funded program to distribute prepaid credit cards to undocumented immigrants.

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