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‘Dark Fantasies’: Two Teenage Suspects Sentenced For Killing Transgender Teen

A judge in northwest England on Friday sentenced two teenagers convicted of murdering a transgender teenager to life in prison with the option of parole after 20 and 22 years. Ta.

Scarlett Jenkinson and Eddie Ratcliffe, both 16, were jailed for 22 years and 20 years to life respectively at Manchester Crown Court for the murder of fellow 16-year-old Brianna Gee in a park in broad daylight on February 11, 2023. The verdict was handed down, the Associated Press reported. Press (AP) report. When they turned 18, they would be transferred to adult prisons and would be released on parole after serving their minimum sentences, provided it was clear they did not pose a danger to the public.

According to the report, Jenkinson and Ratcliffe, who were 15 years old at the time of the incident and previously identified as Girl X and Boy Y, stabbed Gay 28 times with a hunting knife after luring the victims to a park. That's what it means.

video Surveillance footage was published in the Telegraph showing the two convicts meeting with the victim on the day of the murder. The video also showed the moment each prisoner was arrested during what appeared to be night time.

“Brianna's injuries indicate that she was murdered with extraordinary brutality,” Judge Yip said. Court video by The Telegraph showed.

Judge Yip said both prisoners had been good friends since they were 11 years old. Although Jenkinson fantasized about killing people, he later realized that he really wanted to kill people and shared his ideas and kill list with Ratcliffe. Mr Jenkinson had previously tried to poison his classmate Mr Gee with ibuprofen tablets. (Related: Mayor commits suicide after transgender “curvy girl'' suspicions are exposed)

“Scarlett, your motive was to act out a fantasy,” Judge Yip said. “You told Eddie you wanted it. […] To see the pure fear on Brianna's face and hear her cries of pain. You suggested keeping parts of her body, such as a piece of her flesh or an eyeball. ”

“You were happy to do it. [Jenkinson’s] Make a plan when you have nothing else to do,” Judge Yip said, referring to Mr. Ratcliffe.

“No amount of time in prison is enough for these monsters,” Gee's father, Peter Spooner, told the court, according to the Associated Press.

Guy's mother, Esther, told the court that the convicts had “no sympathy for Brianna” and killed the victim “just because one hated transgender people and the other thought it was fun.” reportedly said.

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