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Dave Portnoy Goes On Wild Clooney Rant, Calls Biden ‘Vegetable’ 22 Times

After Hollywood star George Clooney penned an op-ed in the New York Times calling on President Biden to step down, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy slammed the president, calling him a vegetable 22 times.

Portnoy is Clooney's Admission fee“So what, George? If he hadn't been at the debate… and wasn't in a vegetative state, would you have stayed quiet?” Portnoy asked in a 3-minute, 15-second video posted to Twitter on Wednesday.

“By the way, if you only found out three weeks ago that Biden was a fucking vegetable, where were you for two years? We all know he's a fucking vegetable,” he said, echoing the sentiments of many Americans about the Democrats' frantic response after the debate.

Portnoy also cited some of Biden's more notable gaffes in recent years as examples that prove his vegetative state.

“This guy gets lost on and off the stage. He talks about dead people like they had lunch with him yesterday. He rides a bike and doesn't fall over. He gets on Air Force One and doesn't fall over. Of course he's a vegetable. He's been a vegetable for two years. The Democrats don't care about that.”

Portnoy went on to claim that the only reason Biden held the debate was because “the Democrats wanted to show the world that they had no choice but to bash Biden in support of California Governor Gavin Newsom, a Democrat.” (RELATED: Barstool Sports founder reveals cancer scare)

“Fine, let's make it Trump versus lettuce,” Portnoy joked. “The votes will probably be the same, to be honest with you, because anyone who voted for Biden or will vote for Biden hates Trump. This is not a pro-vegetable vote. You hate Trump, you're not voting for Trump, so you're voting for lettuce.”

“We'll be the first superpower to do that. Trump on one side, a head of lettuce on the other,” he continued.

“No editorial please,” Portnoy complained. “You f**king Democrats have known for two years that this guy is a veggie and yet you keep lifting up vegetables and shoving lettuce in our faces… so stop crying.”

“The idea was to pick who was going to run. They didn't want the freedom to pick any other candidate, so they let Biden win. And now the Democrats are saying, 'Who's next?' It's a game,” Portnoy said. “They knew he was a head of lettuce. Every smart person knew that.”

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