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DAVID BLACKMON: John Kerry Tries Out A New Climate Catchphrase To Ratchet Up The Fear

In an interview with the Guardian this week, former White House climate envoy John Kerry tried a new word to describe the globalist view of what's happening with the world's climate. According to Kelly, we are currently in the midst of “climate change.”

As a refresher, here is a timeline of the terms that globalist elites prefer to use in relation to climate change hysteria.

  • First, there was “global warming.”
  • The popular topic then changed to the more comprehensive “climate change,” allowing scaremongers to blame any weather phenomenon, warm or cold, on their problems. became.
  • Next, they escalated their fear rhetoric to the vague “climate crisis.”
  • If that wasn't enough to get the public's attention, they further elevated it to a “climate emergency.”
  • Seeing the 2024 election year polls slipping behind, they are now moving on to the even more alarming “climate change.”

Is it possible that a “climate catastrophe” or, even better, “climate collapse” is in the distant future? If this year's election doesn't go well, sometime around this time next year, either Mr. Kelly, or perhaps his successor, the venerable John Podesta, who has maintained a vigil in the White House for many years, will be able to wage one term. I'm sure it will.

Back to Mr. Kelly. In a fluff interview with the always reliable Guardian newspaper, Mr Kerry, a lifelong agitator himself, labeled those who criticize the globalist narrative on the energy transition as “agitators” spreading “disinformation”. It was posted and severely criticized. The latter term, of course, is used by the ruling elites of Western countries to denigrate anyone who questions their governments' favorable narratives on climate change, illegal immigration, and all the other major issues facing our societies. It started to be done. (Related: David Blackmon: Biden's anti-natural gas stance has even Democrats reeling)

For Kerry and other globalist elites like Al Gore and Klaus Schwab, this is a problem. Because conflicting information is having the effect of slowing down the path toward authoritarian rule they desire in the name of climate change. Their consistent climate rhetoric aims to create a permanent sense of public alarm that unless we reduce the amount of plant food, or carbon dioxide, in the atmosphere, the world will end.

At one point in the interview, Kelly hilariously accused his critics of bringing “politics” into the debate, claiming: They are procrastinating and are part of a disinformation group that is willing to put the entire world at risk, no matter what political motivations are behind their choices here. ”

In fact, of course, pure politics has served as the driving force in enacting the series of subsidies, tax breaks, and authoritarian mandates that are the entire basis of this energy transition. Both Mr. Kerry and President Joe Biden like to point out that the Inflation Control Act of 2022 and its hundreds of billions of dollars in green subsidies are the largest funders of such programs in human history. , they're not wrong about that.

Okay, so the IRA was created through a political process, right? Others note that West Virginia Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin capitulated to a year of arm-twisting by Chuck Schumer and became the bill's deciding vote in no other way than pure politics at play. How would you express it?

When Biden himself visited Brownsville, Texas, on the Mexican border on Thursday, did he focus on stopping the border incursions his policies have encouraged? No, his incitement of climate change was an act of pure partisan politics.

The truth is, as Kelly claims in an interview with the Guardian, that every aspect of this energy transition is driven by pure politics, not science. Even the authors of the UN IPCC report believe that even if Mr. Kerry, Mr. Biden, Mr. Schwab, and UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres do everything they want to force upon the public, their carefully chosen computer models will predict It is regularly acknowledged that this makes virtually no difference to the rate of global warming.

It is a purely political objective aimed at imposing authoritarian rule on Western democracies. The fact that Mr. Kerry feels the need to redouble his fear rhetoric is a clear sign that this destructive political agenda is failing. It's a really feel-good story.

David Blackmon is an energy writer and consultant based in Texas. He spent his 40 years in the oil and gas business, specializing in public policy and communications.

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