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‘Deadliest Catch’ Reality TV Star Arrested For Alleged Probation Violation

Police arrested a cast member from Discovery Channel's “Deadliest Catch” in the Florida Keys on Saturday on suspicion of violating his probation.

Eric James Brown, also known as Eric James, 40, was handcuffed in the Stock Island neighborhood of the Keys on suspicion of violating his probation. according to on Monroe County Sheriff's Department arrest records. The exact details regarding the nature of the arrest remain unclear.

Wichrowski said that during his time on “Deadliest Catch,'' Brown was a crew member of the deep-sea vessel Summer Bay, led by Captain “Wild'' Bill Wichrowski. Website. (Related: Frank Lachey: From lobsters to electricity, offshore wind makes everything more expensive)

Brown was previously arrested in 2018 for allegedly running an illegal marijuana cultivation operation out of his nearly $2 million home in Florida, the News-Press reported. report.

According to reports, Brown was arrested and charged in 2020 with domestic assault, assault, tampering with evidence, and marijuana-related charges.

James said the deckhand appeared across three episodes of the long-running series set on the high seas. IMDb profile. Two of his three episodes aired during the show's 15th season in 2019. The other was broadcast in 2023.

The hit show “Deadliest Catch” aired on Discovery Channel in 2005. The show chronicled blue-collar workers in Alaska's crab fishing industry and showed different fishing boats competing against each other.

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