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Dershowitz Lays Out ‘Issues’ Within Willis’ Alleged Misconduct, Questions ‘Scope’ That Could Lead To Criminal Charges

Former Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz on Monday cited “problems” with alleged misconduct by Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis and fellow attorney Nathan Wade on Fox News, leading to criminal charges. He questioned the “range” of possibilities.

Dershowitz Willis joins “Hannity” to discuss Willis' disbarment motion over allegations that he benefited financially from appointing Wade as special counsel in the case against former President Donald Trump while they were romantically involved. appeared on. Fox host Sean Hannity asked the former law professor. new judgment In Willis' case, the presiding judge declined to immediately decide whether Willis and other witnesses would be called to testify later this week.

Dershowitz said during his sworn testimony that he saw “two issues” in the Willis case: whether Willis and Wade had any “financial interest” and whether either of them had any relationship. He said he was questioning whether he had committed “perjury.” The former law professor went on to point out that if the Fulton County Attorney's Office takes issue with either issue, it could lead to a “criminal trial” depending on “the scope of the judge's investigation.” (Related: Trump co-defendant lawyer Nathan Wade's affidavit highlights inconsistencies)

“There are two questions. One is, did the district attorney or her boyfriend have a financial interest in it? And the judge will allow the investigation. But the more important question is, did the district attorney or her boyfriend have a financial interest in it? Either or both of them committed perjury or conspired to commit perjury when they allegedly swore under oath that they had a sexual relationship for the first time after they began working for her.'' Witts said.

“If that's not true, and there are clearly witnesses willing to testify under oath that it's not true, then there may ultimately be a criminal trial, but that's not the case with Donald Trump. No. The couple may face a criminal trial for perjury. The question is: What is the scope of the judge's questioning? Will he allow an investigation into the authenticity of the affidavit? I hope.”

“We cannot allow the district attorney and the special district attorney to get away with perjury if they have actually committed perjury. Otherwise, the record shows that they did not commit perjury, that they had a platonic relationship; It should become clear that somehow a sexual relationship developed after he started working for her. That seems very unlikely,” Dershowitz said.

Reports on Willis and Wade's relationship surfaced A motion filed in court by a representative for a former Trump campaign official named in Willis' indictment was made public in early January. The filing detailed allegations about the two lawyers' romantic relationship and claimed that Willis approved funds used to pay for their vacation.

Since the initial report was published, Willis Confirmed However, regarding her relationship with Wade, she denied that the partnership brought her any financial benefit. Regardless of her denial, Willis now faces the possibility of her disqualification depending on evidence from her witness interviews and possible testimony from the Fulton County Attorney's Office.

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