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DeSantis Debates NBC Reporter Over Promise To Use ‘Deadly Force’ Against Cartels

Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis debated with NBC News reporter Dasha Barnes over his promise to use “lethal force” against Mexican drug cartels.

At a press conference on June 26, Mr. DeSantis vowed to allow border agents to use lethal force against drug cartels and “eliminate” cartel members crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

“It’s like being in the military. There are rules of engagement, and like a cartel, anyone with hostile intentions or hostile acts will engage you with lethal force,” DeSantis said. told to

“You were a Navy SEAL adviser yourself. You know how difficult it can be sometimes when it comes to engagement rules. How do you tell the good guys from the bad guys, especially when people cross the border under cover of night, that’s what kids do.” How can you tell if it’s a mother or a cartel member?” she asked.

The governor interjected by stating that the child would not be met with deadly force.

“Yeah, but a pregnant mom in a baseball cap and a backpack,” Burns interrupted.

“They have signs, they have signs, which means if you have people blowing up the border wall, it won’t fly,” the governor replied. (Related: NBC Reporter Made Apparently False Claims During Interview With Ron DeSantis)

“But border walls aren’t everywhere. How do you know you’re using lethal force against the right people?” the reporter asked.

“It works the same in any situation. Just like the police know it, just like anyone working in Iraq knows it. Everyone who was in Iraq at the time looks the same.” We don’t know who is planting the bombs, so they have to decide,” DeSantis said.

The governor had previously promised that cartel members who smuggle fentanyl into the United States would suffer a “cold death.” He also declared a national emergency on his first day as president, calling for “all available assets to be mobilized.”

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