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DeSantis in Sierra Vista, announces interstate partnership to train law enforcement

The partnership includes sharing training programs developed by the Florida Highway Patrol and the Florida National Guard’s Anti-Narcotics Task Force with law enforcement agencies across the country.

Canyon County, Idaho Sheriff Kieran Donoghue has accused the Biden administration and the Secretary of Homeland Security of lying to the public and complicity in dealing with criminal activity.

Donahue, who is also vice president of the National Sheriffs Association, said, “What we’ve seen with this presidency and with this Secretary of Homeland Security is nothing less than a lie to us, a lie to the American people.” “You have done nothing but be complicit in crimes against the American people.”

When Mr. DeSantis asked the sheriffs what they need and want in the future, Cochise County Sheriff Mark Danells said all borders need to be prioritized.

“We need to prioritize all borders,” Dunnells said Wednesday. “We have failed to do that in Washington, D.C. Our borders are a gateway for crime in so many ways … We need to enforce the rule of law to the letter. We can defend our borders with practicable and reasonable outcomes.” Finally, we need more judicial oversight. “

U.S. Congressman Raul Grijalva (AZ-D7), whose constituency covers most of the Arizona-Mexico border; Tweeted Wednesday afternoon “DeSantis’ hatred and fear-mongering behavior is not welcome here.”

According to the US Department of Homeland SecuritySince the repeal of Title 42, the number of border guards along the Southwestern border has decreased by more than 70%.

During a May 25 Cochise County Board of Supervisors work session, Cochise County Crisis Management Director Daniel DuShon said the overall impact of the Title 42 removal was less than expected.

Dushon said the peak number of releases in Cochise County was 320 on May 11, the final day of Title 42. Dushon said the numbers are not out of the norm.

Dushon added that there were no unprotected releases in Cochise County. This means that no migrants have been released from Border Patrol custody without prearranged transportation and shelter.

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