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Despite Massive ‘Bidenomics’ Push, Voters Still Don’t Trust Biden To Handle Economy

A new poll shows that President Joe Biden has low approval ratings for the economy, even as he flies across the country on a “Bidenomics” tour for re-election.

Biden, his wife, and senior administration officials are traveling around the country as part of a coordinated campaign officially known as “The Campaign.”Investing in America Blitz‘ To push his economic policies forward, it includes infrastructure investment, as well as tax credits and subsidies for certain manufacturing industries such as electric vehicles and computer chips.Despite this effort, Biden’s approval ratings for the economy remain high 36% — He trails his general approval rating of 42%, according to a new poll released Thursday, commissioned by the Associated Press by the University of Chicago’s National Center for National Poll Research. (Related article: Chuck Todd says Americans ‘not feeling’ Bidenmix)

The poll also found that a significant number of respondents who disapprove of Mr. Biden’s economic performance are Democrats. Only 63% of Democrats approve of his economic leadership, compared to 34% who disapprove, less skewed than Republicans (91% of whom disapprove).

Democrats’ disapproval of Biden’s economic leadership was greater among younger voters, defined as those between the ages of 18 and 44. Of those, 48% disapproved of Mr. Biden’s economic performance, compared with just 22% of Democrats over 45 years. Year.

Aside from the economy, the poll also revealed that multiple voters lack confidence in Biden’s ability to run the White House or handle the crisis, with 45% and 46% of voters citing those two. In each category, they answered “almost not confident”. .

Furthermore, 55% of Democrats overall did not want Mr. Biden to run for a second term, compared with 66% among younger Democrats. But 82% of all Democrats said they would support Biden in the Democratic presidential primary, which has only two other candidates, Marianne Williamson and Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

In August, Biden toured the United States, including Arizona, Wisconsin, New Mexico, Maine and Utah, where he promoted his record. The general election pairing with Biden’s predecessor and Republican frontrunner, former President Donald Trump, shows the two tied at 44%. according to To Real Clear Politics.

The poll was conducted between August 10 and 14 with 1,165 adults interviewed online and by telephone. The margin of error was plus or minus 3.8%.

“The polls that we see…the bills the president passed, the policies the president passed. [are] Incredibly popular.Bipartisan Infrastructure Law [was] 76% of Americans support, 72% of Americans strongly support CHIPS and scientific law, 80% of Americans support the rule of law [Inflation Reduction Act]'” the White House noted in a comment to the Daily Caller News Foundation. “These things take time for people to feel.”

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