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‘Didn’t Do Him Any Favors’: Medical Expert Calls Out Media For Describing Biden’s ‘Memory Lapses’ As ‘Gaffes’

Dr. Mark Siegel on Monday criticized the media for inaccurately reporting President Joe Biden's “gaffes” as “slip-ups.”

The corporate media's long-running efforts to stifle questions about Biden's mental health faced a major setback after Biden's recent debate with former President Donald Trump. Fox & Friends' Siegel particularly noted that the media's portrayal of signs of Biden's “cognitive impairment” as mere “slip-ups” has been harmful to the president. (RELATED: Bidenworld “MAGA guy” attack on Robert Hur makes no sense, records show)


“We started calling this out four years ago. I mean, the media is calling this out now. With all due respect to George Stephanopoulos, I was talking to Sean Hannity about this four years ago,” Siegel said, “because then it looked like he was starting to show symptoms of what's called mild cognitive impairment. Now to the public, it looks like it's more advanced. We don't know. I'm not his doctor, I haven't examined him.”

“But he clearly has problems with spatial awareness and significant memory loss,” he continued. “And the other thing the press has done, which has done him no favours, is called these blunders. Errors that have to do with thinking, judgement and attention are not blunders. These are the really important things, and patients are always the last to know.”

Biden's interview with ABC News' George Stephanopoulos, which aired on Friday, appeared to be an attempt to reassure voters that he is capable of being president, as he insisted that his performance in the debate was simply a “bad night” and not a sign of cognitive decline.

“Would you agree that there has been an increase in deficiencies, particularly in recent months?” the ABC presenter asked.

“I'm still in good health,” Biden said.

The president also insisted he is not becoming increasingly “weak,” and during the interview appeared to indicate he has no desire to take cognitive tests or withdraw from the race.

Biden has faced calls for his resignation since he lost his words and made multiple gaffes during the June 27 CNN debate.

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