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Discovery Station: Ask a Ranger! No Registration required – Animals – Events

Got questions about the Sonoran Desert or the things that live there? Ask Ranger Kevin! Click program title for more details.

Meet Ranger Kevin from 3:30pm to 5:00pm. Bring your burning desert questions! Try to stump the Ranger! Impress your friends and enemies alike with your new-found knowledge! We’ll also have a table full of interesting objects like bones, feathers, snake sheds, cactus boots and much more for you to touch and inspect. No registration required, just drop on in!

MEETING LOCATION: Covered picnic tables near Spur Cross trailhead

Please note: Entry to Spur Cross Conservation Area is $3 per person. Cash only is accepted, and exact change is much appreciated. If entry station is closed, please place your money in the payment box at the gate.  

No registration required. 


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