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DJ Akademiks Claims Meek Mill Had His House Swatted While He Was Livestreaming

The feud between DJ Academics and Meek Mill reached a climax on Friday when Academics accused Mill of knocking on his door during a live stream.

The famous streamer posted a tweet on Friday accusing the rapper of intentionally trying to damage his reputation. The day before, he had teased Mir by saying his address was public and demanding he come to his home.

Mill and DJ Academics (real names Robert Williams and Livingston Allen) have been setting the internet on fire in recent days as part of an ongoing controversy surrounding Mill's sexuality. This rumor arose after a lawsuit was filed alleging that Mill had a sexual relationship with rapper Diddy, but Mill vehemently denied this claim.

“Last night, when I was streaming to 30,000 people, Meek Mill actually had the police come to his house…right after the incident.” [n-word] He claimed to have called the governor and told him “how many murders he is responsible for.” NASTY NASTY work,” DJ Akademiks wrote on Twitter.

Academicus also wrote in a follow-up post that Mill was “blackballed half the time. Whenever we post about up-and-coming artists in Philadelphia, he always appears at the top of the blog and they vie with him.” That's because there is.''

The day before, he had ridiculed Mill by writing: Don't talk about parking your car at their house on the street, because that's not their relationship. So don't worry about that. ”

“Not that hot myself.. so you know what happened.. we all just don't post Philly artists because of those assholes [n-word]” he added.

In another recent post, Akademiks claimed he was “going to stand up to Meek Mill” in public.

“The price may be known. It doesn't matter,” he said in an interview Friday. live stream. “Here's the thing, at the point where I think he's a bully, I think he's a cat. Now let's take a look at his hands in action.”

Mill defended himself against the homosexual accusations by slamming them and detailing how much he loves sex with women in a series of tweets that left little to the imagination.

DJ Akademiks attends the 2018 ComplexCon-Day 1 at the Long Beach Convention Center on November 3, 2018 in Long Beach, California.Photo by Earl Gibson III/Getty Images

Although Mr Mill has not posted a public response to the swatting allegations, many users on social media have accused him of being tough but not corroborating his statements, and fans are I immediately expressed my opinion. (Related: 'I King Her Twice a Day': Meek Mill Denies Rumors About His Sexuality After Fan Claims He Followed Gay Porn Account)

Meek Mill attends the 2023 Fanatics Super Bowl Party at the Biltmore Hotel on February 11, 2023 in Phoenix, Arizona.Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images

The exchange between the two hip-hop personalities was viewed millions of times on Twitter.

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