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‘Do Not Trust This Institution’: Vince Coglianese Lays Out DOJ’s ‘Massive Credibility Crisis’

WMAL talk radio host and Daily Caller editor-in-chief Vince Colianese slammed the new indictment against former President Donald Trump in Wednesday’s Brett Bayer Special Report.

Mr. Collanese questioned the Justice Department’s credibility, arguing that Americans “fundamentally do not trust this agency.”

This is the prosecutor’s office, persecution of leaders presidential candidate for Joe Biden,” Collianise said. “i think we have justice D.huge apartment A crisis of trust is looming. Voters are basically not Please trust this agency. they have been chasing regularly years of President Trump Forms of FBI-Russia Collusion Hoax, and of course now everything these prosecutions. ” (Related: President Trump’s attorney fights NBC anchor over Justice Department pre-election trial enforcement)

Collanese said voters believe the Justice Department is trying to “intervene” in the 2024 presidential election to influence the outcome. He said even left-wing cable TV hosts were baffled by the timing of the recent indictments of Mr. Trump.

“there was”Last Night’s Left Wing Network OST Confused by the timing of everything this. they said it should have been happened a year ago Report of the Committee on January 6 that judgment. and,Hey I’m wondering why it took good bye. I’ll tell you was etake in the heat of Elections, it’s no coincidence Anything,” said Collanese.

He suggested the charges could be part of an attempt to distract from allegations against President Joe Biden.

None of these indictments demote or supersede The accusation from Jack Smith very bad news kept coming for Joe Biden. Bribery or not allegations contained in FBI’s FD-1023 form. after thatMar-a-Lago the next day The charges are dropped. perhaps, it’s the collapse of the plea In that respect the deal with Hunter Biden In court the next day, priority prosecution Dropped. And this week we have Devon aRcher’s testimony about hunters Biden and the Biden family finance.available the next day Incident on January 6th. It’s always the next day and I people see it go and say “yes” It’s not a coincidence,” Collanese said.

Trump was indicted on Tuesday on charges of attempting to interfere in the 2020 election and involvement in the Jan. 6 incident. This is the third time Trump has been indicted.

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