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Dolly Parton Breaks Silence On Elle King’s Disastrous Tribute Performance

Dolly Parton finally spoke out about her disastrous Elle King tribute performance in an interview with Extra Friday.

King faced significant backlash for her drunken performance during Parton's birthday celebration at the Grand Ole Opry in January, sparking anger among fans and criticism from both King and the Opry. urged an apology. But while the incident was controversial, the legendary country singer and memorial honoree chose to take a more measured approach when addressing the issue.

“Elle is such an amazing artist,” Parton said. Extra. “She's a great kid, but she's been through a lot of tough stuff lately. And she drank a little too much. So let's forgive it and forget it and move on, because she's more than anyone.” Because I felt terrible.” (Related article: Dolly Parton steals the show at Thanksgiving NFL game)

During the memorial concert, Dr. King performed Parton's “Marry Me'' and took an unexpected turn when he confessed to the audience that he did not know the lyrics and improvised his own lyrics. “I don't understand the lyrics to anything in this fucking town. Don't tell Dolly, 'cause it's her birthday,” Dr. King said in the article. video.

The video also showed the artist making an expletive-laden admission about his drunkenness. “Well, I'm not going to lie, did you guys buy tickets to this event?” You don't get your money back. Please tell me one more thing. Hello, my name is Elle King and I am devastated,” King said.

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