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DVIDS – News – Corps’ leaders meet with Maricopa County to discuss completion of 5 federally constructed channels

PHOENIX – U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Los Angeles District leaders visit the New River Dam Spillway in Florence, Arizona, October 24, to recognize the completion of a project to restore the capacity of five federally constructed waterways in Maricopa County. bottom.

Rehabilitation of the waterways of the New River, New River Dam Exit, Skunk Creek, Cave Creek, and Agua Fria River will begin in November 2020 and will begin in April 2022 by Arizona State SWP Contract Pavement through a cooperative agreement with the Corps LA District and Corps. Completed. Maricopa Flood Management District, under the authority of Public Law 84-99.

Public Laws 84-99 are discretionary powers given to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers by Congress to act and respond to emergencies caused by floods, contaminated water sources, droughts, or dam failures. This authority allows the Corps to repair and/or rehabilitate eligible flood control projects (levees), whether federally constructed or privately owned.

Col. Julie Barten, commander of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, Los Angeles District, said, “It was very exciting to see the actual completion of Public Law Section 84-99 work on the five federally constructed levees in Maricopa County.” rice field. “Meeting with our Maricopa County Flood Control District partners was a real treat, and being able to deliver and complete that project was important to our partnership.”

The request for repairs arose from storm-related events in September 2014, when five channels suffered significant damage in the form of erosion, scouring and riprap displacement.

In addition to restoring the project to its pre-damage condition, Maricopa County required the Corps of Engineers to design and build a vehicle access ramp not previously present on the New River Dam spillway. This lamp is considered an “improvement” of the project and is permitted under the authority of PL 84-99.

“Maricopa County asked us if we could design and build a ramp down to the riverbed for the new river channel levy as part of the project,” Barten said. “We were able to use the donated funds and put it in as part of the project. It was a great feature to be able to keep the channel.

The restoration restored the federal waterway to its original carrying capacity and reduced flood risk for Maricopa County residents.

“Walking around the site gave me perspective on the importance of the collection from the dam outlet and basically allowing flood control water to flow,” Barten added. “This project will allow us to really restore that levy and the flood protection levels of the communities around it.”

The Corps Emergency Management Division will continue to work closely with Maricopa County officials to complete the project and ensure that the rebuilding project is carried out as planned.

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