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Elizabeth Cervantes-Ramon sets bar high as 1st-generation college student

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After graduating from Flagstaff High School (FHS) on Friday, Elizabeth Cervantes-Ramon will begin her political science studies on a full scholarship to Dartmouth.

“It’s a bittersweet feeling,” she said of dropping out of high school. “While there is fear of the unknown, there is also excitement about new adventures. I know Flag High has supported me over the years, and I really appreciate it.”

Cervantes-Ramon made the most of his time at FHS, participating in several school programs and helping coach a handful of clubs.

Due to the need for representation within the school, she helped found and served as president of the Hispanic Club of FHS.

She also serves as president of the Praise Bible Study Club, organizes the band’s annual fundraiser as vice president of the Humanitarian Club, works with the nonprofit Gravity Water as part of the National Honor Society, and participates in national student leadership. I represent the state of Arizona. meeting.

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Although she doesn’t consider herself an artist, Cervantes-Ramon’s Advanced Placement capstone project was to paint a mural in her school titled “Immigrants are Beautiful.” It includes maps of the United States and San Francisco Her Peaks, as well as people and symbols from various cultures represented by FHS students.

She said she wanted other students to see them at school by creating the mural.

A self-professed “social extrovert,” she says she “has a passion for public speaking,” and has given speeches at City Hall and Northern Arizona University. In addition to her studies at FHS, she has also studied Coconino College in Criminal Justice and Early Childhood Education at her College in order to get a head start in areas that could benefit her future career. I am taking classes in

In her free time, she enjoys running and relaxing by reading romance novels.

Family, friends and school have helped Cervantes Ramon get things done, and a bullet journal has helped him keep up with all his daily tasks. Among her support systems are her brothers Fernandez and Vicente, her parents Anna and Vicente, her friend Genesis and Native American academic advisor Darrell Marks, and FHS Principal Libby Miller and Matthew Birkin. was

“There are many people in my life who have taught me that I am not alone. I know there are people out there who can help.” ,” she said. “…it’s all about your relationship.”

Cervantes-Ramon, a first-generation student, recalled that his parents’ lectures always began with the words, “If you study.” She shared one of her lectures with herself with other students.

“If you get an education, you have the chance to go to college. If you get an education, you don’t have to suffer,” she said. “Nothing is easy in this world, but getting an education is the key to success. It will be ours forever.We freshmen are stressed, weary, we want to give up, but we won’t give up.This education is only for us. It is for our families, our brothers and sisters, our ancestors.”

She also participates in the school’s TRIO program, which aims to help first-generation students find college resources while in high school. The group also participates in activities such as university tours and group rafting trips.

She said she “loved” her time at FHS.

“I love the FHS. I’ve always represented green and I’m excited to continue representing green at Dartmouth because it’s ‘Go Big Green,'” she said. rice field.

Her scholarship is offered through the QuestBridge program and she said she was one of 1,755 students who were awarded the scholarship out of a total of 17,900 applications (only a handful of QuestBridge applicants to Dartmouth). Only 2.7% received full scholarships, she added).

She plans to study political science and hopes one day to become a lawyer and “help children of color have a better life.”

“I have seen our system and it is not the best when it comes to minorities. “When you look at the legal people, they’re mostly white people and you think, why can’t my people be bad, why can’t my race be bad, why can’t I be more represented? For me, it’s all about it. It’s about expression.”

Cervantes-Ramon said he was excited not only for his classes at the university, but also for new experiences and meeting new people.

She gave other students some advice about trying new things, continuing with their studies, prioritizing their mental health, and “staying true to themselves.” .

She also said it’s important to “find the reason.”

“For me, it was about breaking the cycle of going to college,” she said. “I wanted to go to college and show my family that I could do it. I never thought the idea of ​​doing it was possible.Honestly when I heard that it brought tears to my eyes because hard work always pays off.Stay true to yourself and ask for help.World Because there are always people out there who want the best of you.”

She added: “Just join in and have fun. Honestly, it goes by quickly.”

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