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Elon Musk Blasts ‘Dumbest Eco-Terrorists’ After German Tesla Factory Set On Fire

Tesla founder Elon Musk on Tuesday criticized a group believed to have claimed responsibility for the alleged arson attack on Europe's only Tesla factory in northeastern Germany.

“[U]”In the early hours of March 5, unknown perpetrators deliberately set fire to a high-voltage tower between Steinfurt and Hartmannsdorf,” Brandenburg's interior ministry said in a statement. statement. “The fire damaged high-voltage power lines, cutting off power to surrounding towns and the nearby Tesla factory.”

Approximately 2,000 households in various districts of Berlin, Deutsche Welle (DW) were affected by power outages due to suspected arson. report.

The Volcano Group appears to have claimed responsibility for the attack on the Tesla Gigafactory's power supply in Grünheide, near Berlin. According to the letter Signed “Agua de Pau”. Police are aware of the letter and are trying to confirm its authenticity, the newspaper said. new york post.

“We sabotaged Tesla today,” the letter said. “Because Grünau's Tesla is eating up the planet, resources, people, and labor, and spitting out 6,000 SUVs, killing machines, and monster trucks a week. Our gift for March 8th is Shut down Tesla.”

Mr. Musk's response seemed relentless. “They are either the stupidest eco-terrorists on the planet or they are puppets of people who don't have proper environmental goals,” he said. tweeted. “It would be outrageous to stop producing electric cars instead of fossil fuel cars.” (Related: Climate protesters harass Biden campaign headquarters after Biden delivers big victory)

The group called for the “total destruction of the Gigafactory” and the “cessation of the following 'techno-fascists'”: [Elon] The letter said Musk was “a step on the path to liberation from patriarchy.” The group accused the factories of contaminating groundwater, using up scarce drinking water, deceptive accident statistics, “green capitalism” and “totalitarian technological attacks on society.”

“Tesla is militarizing the streets. [Musk’s] Moving tanks are weapons of war. Cars as weapons. The streets are a battlefield,” the Volcano Group said in his letter.

The Volcano Group appears to be protesting Gigafactory's expansion plans, the letter said.

According to DW, around 70% of Grünheide residents responded to a public survey regarding the expansion plan. report. Some 65% of respondents reportedly voted against the expansion.

The Volcano Group cited the study and called on authorities to “respect the will of the population.” The group also expressed a desire to “bring Tesla to its knees.”

Brandenburg state Interior Minister Michael Stupgen condemned the attack as “dishonest,” a statement from his ministry said.

“It will have consequences. Here, thousands of people were cut off from basic services and put at risk. A constitutional state will respond to such sabotage with the utmost severity. “We will,” Stübgen added.

Stübgen also cautioned against hasty speculation about the culprit, and called on investigators to “work with all our might.”

State police began an investigation.

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