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Elusive Suspected Mafia Member Betrayed By Locals’ Passion For Soccer, Arrested

A long-running fugitive white-collar Italian mafia was arrested in Greece on Friday after Italian authorities spotted him taking pictures of fans celebrating the victory of football club Napoli, according to multiple reports.

Vincenzo La Porta, 60, was arrested while riding a scooter on the street near his home on the Greek island of Corfu. Deutsche Welle (DW) reported.. Italy’s Carabinieri said Laporta, who has been on the run for 11 years, was reportedly pictured in a photo of fans of his hometown football club SSC Napoli celebrating on the balcony of a restaurant after winning their first Serie A title in 33 years. It says. . The Carabinieri then reportedly investigated his whereabouts, tracked him down and arrested him. (Related: Mafia killer turned pizza chef arrested after 16 years on the run)

La Porta, one of Italy’s 100 Most Wanted Fugitives, is a member of the Italian mafia’s Contini clan and is accused of helping launder money for the Camorra syndicate in Naples, according to a DW report. there is Italian authorities have reportedly tracked his online financial activities for years in hopes that he would make a mistake that would reveal his location. La Porta reportedly used Camorra’s money to build a new life in Greece, have a second family, and conduct fake business deals.

“What betrayed him was his passion for football and the Napoli team. With the championship win, Laporta couldn’t help but celebrate,” police said. Associated Press.

Italy is reportedly seeking 14 years and 4 months in prison for extradition of the mafia on charges of criminal association, tax evasion and fraud.

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