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Ending Title 42 gives criminal cartels free rein

title 42
wIt was never designed to solve border crises. The policies introduced by the Trump administration during the pandemic have been effective, but they were just bandages for the gaping wounds we are experiencing at the southern border.

As the Sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona, I have seen firsthand the impact of illegal border crossings on neighboring communities and beyond. Under the failed leadership of the incompetent Biden administration, all states have effectively become border states.

It’s important to remember that the border crisis is not simply a matter of law and order. It is also a humanitarian catastrophe. With Title 42 repealed, the criminal cartels responsible for human trafficking and drug trafficking know that they are free to continue smuggling humans and drugs across borders without consequences or proper resistance.

Here in Pinal County, traffic stoppages related to human smuggling have increased 377% and traces related to human trafficking have increased 461% since the Biden presidency.

Women and children are enslaved, men are blackmailed, and the American people are dying at an alarming rate. In 2021, 44 children died from fentanyl poisoning in Arizona. Seven of them were under the age of one. Nationally, fentanyl is the leading cause of death among adults aged 18-45. That’s surprising and unacceptable. Citizens have better rights.

As a sheriff, I deal with the human side of border crises every day. I will never forget when I met a woman with a bag of 50 pills. When she asked what the pill was, she said it was the morning after pill. She knew that as a result of relying on her cartel to cross the border, she would likely be raped multiple times on her way across the border.

Unfortunately, the failure of Biden and his party to demonstrate real leadership has made heartbreaking stories like this the new normal. Instead, they chose to put politics before people. Title 42 was his one of the few tools left for Border Patrol to stop these evils. Now that it has expired, there is no doubt that fentanyl addiction and trafficking will continue to soar in the days, weeks and months to come.

To address this crisis, we must first and foremost invest in the infrastructure and technology necessary to effectively defend our borders. Physical barriers, surveillance systems and additional border guards are essential to stop illegal immigration and drug trafficking. We must also continue to work closely with our Mexican partners to disrupt smuggling networks and dismantle criminal gangs that profit from human suffering.

It is for these reasons that I am running for the U.S. Senate.

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Members of Parliament need to understand the seriousness of the border crisis, and they need someone in the hall who understands that. Cartels know how to advertise. They are in the business of making billions of dollars by telling people around the world that America is open. Lawmakers need to confront this criminal activity head-on. If we don’t, our country will continue to suffer.

Mark Lamb is the Sheriff of Pinal County, Arizona and a candidate for the U.S. Senate.

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