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Ex-Wrestling Legend Identified As Suspect In Homicide Case

Police in Portland, Oregon, announced they have identified former WWE legend William “Billy Jack” Haynes as the primary suspect in Thursday's murder, KATU2 reported.

Police said Haynes, 70, is suspected of fatally shooting his wife, Janet Becraft, 85, in the city's Lenz neighborhood. statement.

Officers responded to a report of a shooting inside a residence in the Lentz area around 10 a.m. Thursday and called the Special Emergency Response Team (SERT) because they believed Haynes was still armed. He said he requested assistance from the team (CNT). Home, KATU2 report. (Related: WWE Legend Tammy Sitch Sentenced to 17 Years in Prison)


When officers entered the home, they found Becraft dead from gunshot wounds, the newspaper said.

Local residents were ordered to shelter in place while police negotiated Mr Haynes' surrender. daily beast report.

Police said Haynes was arrested without incident and is currently being treated at a local hospital for a medical condition unrelated to the shooting, KATU2 reported.

Haynes is expected to be sent to prison after being released from the hospital, the newspaper said.

said a woman who lives in the same house as Haynes and Becraft. oregonian Beecraft suffers from dementia and sometimes helped Haynes with his care.

She added that Haynes was unable to leave Beecraft and had recently returned from being hospitalized following an accident, The Oregonian reported.

Another neighbor told The Oregonian that during January's ice storm, Haines cooked meals for neighbors after the power went out, made sure to check on them and delivered breakfast the next day. He said he gave it to me.

“Everything seemed fine when I was there and talking to them,” the neighbor said. “They were very kind.”

Police said charges against Haynes, who wrestled for WWE from 1986 to 1988, would be revealed after he is released from the hospital and taken to prison.

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