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EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Gallagher Introduces Legislation To Force Biden Administration To Finish Building Border Wall, Pay For It

Wisconsin Republican Rep. Mike Gallagher on Monday gave President Joe Biden a mandate to complete the border wall and pay for it by closing loopholes that allow undocumented immigrants to benefit from tax credits and welfare programs. He introduced a bill that would make it compulsory to pay.

The Daily Caller first obtained a copy of the bill, titled the “WALL Act.” The bill would specifically earmark $25 billion to complete construction of the wall, offset the cost of the wall by eliminating entitlements and tax credits available to undocumented immigrants, and eliminate the entitlement and tax credits available to illegal immigrants who entered the United States illegally. is to be fined. A request from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) is also required. ) Immediately resume all border wall construction planned before Biden's inauguration.

“President Biden has responded to the American people's cry for a secure southern border with hollow actions and far-left policies that pander to his progressive base. This has exacerbated the crisis, threatened national security, and It hurt families in Wisconsin. While many steps will be needed to regain operational control of the border, including additional personnel and enhanced technology, completing the southern border wall is fundamental and necessary to this effort. There is,” Gallagher told Caller before introducing the bill. (Related: Exclusive: Senate Republicans denounce leaked border deal, say they will never vote for it)

Read the law here:

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“This bill is a common sense way to force the Biden administration to immediately complete the wall and pay for it by limiting the abuse of welfare and tax credit programs by illegal immigrants,” Gallagher added. (Related: Exclusive: Rep. Troy Neals Introduces Bill to Complete Border Wall Construction)

States such as Arizona and Texas have taken action to continue construction on portions of their border wall that remain unfinished.

The Biden administration ended Title 42 on May 11th. Title 42 is a public health measure issued in response to the coronavirus pandemic that allows the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to quickly expel immigrants on public health grounds.

In 2021, Border Patrol agents encountered a record 2 million migrants at the U.S.-Mexico border. In fiscal year 2021, border officials seized approximately 319,000 items of counterfeit goods valued at $3.31 billion. lb Marijuana, more than 190,000 pounds of methamphetamine, and more than 97,000 pounds of cocaine.

biden signed Executive order halting border wall construction in January 2021.

Gallagher's bill is a companion to Alabama Republican Sen. Katie Britt's Senate bill in the House.

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