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EXCLUSIVE: Rep. Ken Buck Explains How Speaker McCarthy Can Win His Support Back

Republican Colorado Rep. Ken Buck, one of 11 conservatives who voted down a rule to protect gas stoves, says House Speaker Kevin McCarthy must deal with House rules and higher spending levels to regain support. I think it is necessary to

Buck voted against allowing the House to consider a bill that would block the Biden administration’s ban on gas stoves. He was joined by members of the Freedom Caucus, including North Carolina Rep. Dan Bishop and Colorado Rep. Lauren Bobert, for the first time since 2002 to defeat a rule in the House.

In an exclusive interview with the Daily Caller, Buck explained that threats against Georgia Congressman Andrew Clyde and breach of promises to run for Congress fueled the rebellion.

“We decided it was the right response. “The holdup will continue,” he explained.

McCarthy agreed to a series of rule changes and legislative promises to win the support of 20 Republican resistance fighters during the House campaign. Buck voted for McCarthy on all 15 ballots, but he stands by the promises Californians have made to the holdouts and believes they must be kept.

“He will limit spending to fiscal 2022 levels. I supported him with the clear understanding that (Related: The House just passed the Fiscal Responsibility Act. Here’s what it says)

McCarthy and President Joe Biden eventually agreed to a capped debt ceiling deal that puts the 2024 budget at 2023 levels.When Clyde voted against the rule as part of the debt ceiling vote series, McCarthy and his leadership The team threatened to leave one of his bills on the floor. Tennessee Congresswoman Diana Hershberger reportedly received similar threats. according to to Politico.

WASHINGTON DC – JANUARY 6: US Congressman-elect Mike Rogers (R-Alabama) is detained after arguing with Congressman-elect Matt Gates (R-Florida) on the House floor on Day 4 of the presidential election ballot. be done. Members of the House of Representatives at the Capitol Building in Washington, D.C., Jan. 6, 2023. (Photo Credit: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images)

Party leaders have tried to intimidate party members since the 118th Congress began, with Alabama governing board member Mike Rogers trying to intimidate party members. threatened Deprive 20 retainers of valuable committee duties.

“The idea of ​​punishing lawmakers who strongly believe in our laws and views is unacceptable,” Buck said. “There are certainly things that can be taken away from members, such as committee duties,” he said, though he admitted he was unaware of leadership efforts to do so at this time. (Related: House Passes Rules Package, Here’s What Conservatives Won)

Equally important to Buck is the repeated spending on programs not formally approved by Congress.Congressional Budget Office found In April, it was announced that Congress was disbursing funds for 1,108 unlicensed programs in fiscal year 2023. An additional 355 programs will lose their license during the fiscal year, according to the CBO. Additionally, Congress has spent $510 billion on 428 unlicensed programs in 2023.

Buck explained that House rules bar Congress from spending money on unsanctioned programs, but the House has repeatedly shaken the rules when passing spending packages. This avoids these requirements. He said he had been discussing rules around the spending process with McCarthy and his team since the 2022 midterm elections, and they were aware of his position.

“I believe it should happen and I feel they recognize the need for it to happen,” Buck said. “The role of the committee, the approval committee, is to approve programs. They haven’t done that in decades. They need to flex their muscles.”

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