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EXCLUSIVE: School District Puts Misbehaving Kids Through Diversity Trainings Instead Of Suspending Them

  • According to documents obtained through parental rights advocacy group Parents Defending Education (PDE) public records request, California school districts specifically list students who deserve suspension or expulsion for diversity and “implicit bias.” It is said that employees are encouraged to attend the training described below.
  • The training offered to “veteran staff” included alternatives to suspension, such as courses on care and hate behavior.
  • “Historical programs like Poway, though well-intentioned, can demonize and shame participants (inviting backlash) and can actually change fundamental opinions in the minds of individuals. They are the ‘enemy’ because they have the wrong idea,” PDE president Nicole Naley told The Daily Caller. – told the News Foundation.

Documents obtained through public records show that school districts in California will be used in lieu of punishment during a September 2022 training session for “veteran officials” to teach students about empathy, diversity and “implicit bias.” He elaborated on the Restorative Justice Program he teaches. A request from Parents Defending Education (PDE), an organization that advocates for parental rights in education.

The Poway Unified School District provided staff training on “restoration practices” within the district. It contains “Focus on fixing the harm rather than getting punished for breaking the rules.” according to To document Obtained through a Public Records Request by the PDE. Staff training to promote the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) education program offered alternatives to suspension, including courses on “care” and “hate” behaviors, as well as classes on empathy and diversity. . (Related article: Teacher suspends children for “gender-inappropriate remarks” and sends them to “restorative justice” training)

“Historical programs like Poway, though well-intentioned, can demonize and shame participants (inviting backlash) and actually change fundamental opinions in the minds of individuals. They are the ‘enemy’ because they have the wrong idea,” PDE President Nicole Naley said in the Daily Daily. told the Kohler News Foundation. “Furthermore, not only does heavy-handed rhetoric desensitize attendees, it can also plant new stereotypes in their minds, creating problems that did not exist before.”

Training given to staff states that a “restoration response team,” which aims to address “incidents of prejudice,” is seeking additional members who can address sensitive issues of race and identity. The document says there is. This presentation includes a chart showing the percentage of members who are “comfortably” discussing “anti-black”, “anti-Hispanic/Latino”, and “anti-LGBTQ+” issues.

The presentation promotes ADL’s “No Place For Hate” campaign, a left-wing “anti-hate” activist organization. ADL’s ‘No Place For Hate’ 2020-2021 Coordinator’s Handbook and Resource Guide shows that ‘anti-stigma’ moments such as microaggressions, bullying and slander can ultimately lead to genocide. increase.

This presentation provides a school district form that can be used as a student “alternative to suspension.” The form lists several options that can be used in lieu of punishment, such as sending the student to a “compassionate connection session” and allowing the student to help with guardianship for a few days.

Another form included in the presentation offers the alternative of transferring students to another school within the district as punishment. This form includes sending the student to a course detailing the effects of hateful behavior and ensuring that the student will not “bully, harass, intimidate, or engage in hateful behavior.” there is

The presentation shows that the same option is offered to students as an alternative to expulsion. The training stipulates that if alternatives to suspension or expulsion do not result in appropriate conduct, the student will either be expelled or suspended.

If a student is a danger to other students, tried Minors who have caused bodily harm, possessed firearms or knives, committed robberies, or were involved in substance abuse should not participate in other remedial measures, such as “restorative justice” programs. should be suspended, the presentation indicates. Students who participate in bullying, harassing or threatening peers, stealing school property, or possessing counterfeit firearms should be sent to a “restorative justice” program, according to a staff presentation. .

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The program, which will be used on students instead of punishment, aims to teach students “empathy and understanding” through a five-hour course, as well as promote “restorative justice principles” in the classroom, according to documents. . The course includes seminars such as “Overview and Reflection on Restoration Practices” and “Building Empathy and Celebrating Diversity”.

Students will be assigned a five-hour course “as a result of a hate incident,” the presentation said.

The ’empathy and awareness’ lesson provided by the PDE teaches participants that there are ‘dominant groups’ in society that have certain privileges.

“Does race play any role?” the presentation asks in relation to “dominant groups.” “Does gender play any role?” “What does it mean to be white in America?”

The Empathy presentation includes a video about “implicit biases” defined as “unconscious attitudes and preferences.” The presentation indicates that participants will be taught definitions of other keywords such as ‘prejudice’, ‘stereotype’ and ‘discrimination’.

At the end of the presentation, participants will be given additional reading assignments such as: article Article titled “Starbucks Arrest Shows How Black Americans Are Disempowered” article Titled “Women Said They Saw Robbery. They Were Just Black Airbnb Guests,” the third article called “Weight Stigma and Discrimination: A Challenge for Healthcare Professionals.”

The documents submitted to the PDE were accompanied by quizzes and additional presentations, including a worksheet titled “Comparing Blacks and Monkeys,” documents show. This quiz asks participants when was the first time they heard the analogy of “black people like animals” and the impact of that slur on society and others.

Other worksheets included reflections on the phrases “n-word”, “f-word”, and “that’s so gay”, which were accompanied by original presentations submitted to the PDE show. I’m here. In the worksheet titled “Reflecting on n Words,” ask students where they first heard the slur, who or what made them think it was acceptable.

A presentation entitled “Tackling Hate Speech: The N Word” taught students about “anti-black racism” and said that the use of the word “perpetuates a violent history and marginalizes and oppresses black people.” “We will strengthen the system,” he said. A presentation titled Reflecting That’s So Gay, linked to a worksheet, showed students five ways to stand up for the LGBTQ community, understand their privilege and It enumerates the need to use that privilege to speak up and educate others.

Based on its “Discipline and Restorative Justice Practices” section, websiteThe school district says it is revising its policies to “improve consistent enforcement and stronger approaches to racial slurs, hateful words and actions.” The district is expanding its “anti-racism and restorative justice practice development dimension” to address “all hate speech and behavior incidents currently in development.”

The Poway Unified School District did not immediately respond to the DCNF’s request for comment.

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