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EXCLUSIVE: Sen. Mike Lee Mike Sounds Alarm Over Taxpayer-Funded Project To ‘Denigrate America’ For 2026 Celebrations

Republican Sen. Mike Lee of Utah wrote a letter to the commissioners of the $50 million taxpayer-funded “America 250” project, which aims to coordinate celebrations and historical commemorations in July 2026, asking for an explanation for funding anti-American history and consciousness organizations.

In the letter, a copy of which was first obtained by The Daily Caller, Lee outlines some of the problems he takes with the America 250 Project. Lee, a member of America 250's Congressional Caucus, found that America 250 has a “vice president of diversity, equity and inclusion” and that its Anti-Racism Institute teaches “falsehood of America's founding documents.” He also found that the institute's leadership supports the discredited 1619 Project theory that claims all of American history is based on slavery.

America250 is a non-profit organization Created Support and execute the plans of the United States Quincentennial Commission. The America 250 Congressional Caucus, consisting of more than 100 Members of the House and Senate, was formed to provide guidance for the America 250 Initiative.

In her letter, Lee noted that in June, America 250 honored the founder of Street Transvestite Action Revolutionaries, a transgender sex worker, for her support of public violence.

Lee said America250 already provides taxpayer funding for poetry readings, research into pre-Columbian mound builders and even “digital equity.”

“As a member of the Congressional Caucus of America 250,What caught my attention was, Committee teeth It is taxpayer funded and serves as a vehicle for promoting extremist ideology. Weakening of principle “This is found in our declaration,” Lee wrote in the letter.

“Given the serious issues raised in this letter, I am, to say the least, not 'enthusiastic' about the prospect of providing additional financial support to the Commission. While I am fully committed to ensuring that our 250th anniversary celebrations are a success, I have serious concerns about the Commission's ability to ensure that success,” Lee continued. (RELATED: Exclusive: Newsmax misrepresented topic of Mike Leigh interview before dropping Ukraine criticism, text messages reveal)

In his letter, Lee requested the following:

  • A complete record of all organizations that have received funding from America250 or an America250 state chapter/affiliate.
  • A complete record of all organizations that have given funding to America250, and all records of conversations between America250 and these organizations related to the funds donated.
  • A list of all outside groups with which America250 has contracted, and a complete description of the nature of each contractual agreement and the work being performed pursuant to these contracts.
  • A complete record of how taxpayer money has been spent by the Commission.
  • A comprehensive report detailing the work performed by the Committee's Vice Chair for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, and individuals under her direct or indirect supervision, from the start of their employment to the present.
  • A complete description of the process the committee used to determine which national historic sites were and were not selected as part of the America's Field Trips program, and a list of the individuals responsible for identifying the national historic sites that were included.
  • Information about the selection process for individuals to be featured in the Commission's “American Story” program, and an explanation of why the Commission has thus far not included any conservative voices as part of its projects.
  • A complete list of upcoming holidays, events, anniversaries, and individuals that the committee plans to cover between now and 500th Anniversary Day.
  • 250 Why the committee decided to spotlight Marsha P. Johnson and other individuals mentioned in “Celebrating Diversity and Resilience: Pride Month Messages from America.”
  • A complete record of all communications between America250 and individuals associated with the following organizations: Project 1619, Project Vote, Voto Latino, Students 4 Justice in Palestine, 400 Years of African American History Commission, Planned Parenthood, Alliance for Justice, Bill and Melinda Gates Organization, and Future Forward USA.
  • A complete record of all communications between America250 and individuals employed by the Biden Administration, the Biden Campaign, and the Democratic and Republican National Committees.

Read the letter here:

(Get Callers Daily) — … by Henry Rogers

“We hope that providing us with the information we have requested by July 30, 2024 will restore our confidence in the committee and your commitment to supporting the values, principles and individuals that make our country great,” he added. (RELATED: Exclusive: Senators Lee and Lummis introduce bill accusing FCC of meddling in elections)

Lee asked that the requested information be provided by July 30.

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