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EXCLUSIVE: ‘Use Your Privilege’: Air Force Promotes All-Day ‘Allyship’ Training

  • The Air Force is offering a one-day workshop on “Reducing Awareness of Bias Through Allyship.” This includes copies of the facilitator's guide, participant handouts, and slides obtained from the Daily Caller News Foundation show.
  • The purpose of the workshop is to “identify barriers to innovation” and promote more diverse forces, according to the document.
  • “The outcomes of allyship that proponents consider desirable include greater inclusion in the workplace and empowerment of outgroups,” the course's introduction states.

According to documents obtained by the Daily Caller News Foundation, the Air Force is offering an eight-hour workshop on addressing unidentified bias through the Alliance, an action taken to reduce bias. It is said that there is.

Slides, facilitator guides, and participant handouts obtained by DCNF through the Freedom of Information Act reveal whether the workshop, titled “Reducing Bias Through Alliances,” is entirely voluntary, or whether the Air Force and Space Force It is unclear how many of them have completed their work. that. Air Force diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) leaders emphasized support for new efforts to increase racial, ethnic and gender diversity within the military.

“Behaviors that are part of allyship include changes to more inclusive language use and discrimination against perceived out-groups, such as racism, ableism, xenophobia, or other forms of discrimination. “Involves combating forms of prejudice. Outcomes of allyship that proponents consider desirable include greater inclusion in the workplace and the empowerment of outgroups,” the course's introduction states. It is being (Related: Exclusive: Pentagon's Office of Special Operations holds book talk on 'far-right' domestic terrorism)

The purpose of the workshop is to “identify barriers to innovation,” according to the document. This means that, just like in the private sector, a focus on DEI will reportedly help the Air Force “improve and retain talent, improve reputation and accountability, improve financial performance, and improve innovation and group performance.” It was created with the premise that

The unnamed Air Force colonel helped develop the course after working with Apple to develop the company's version of the course, according to the document. “Captain. [redacted] During that time, I participated in educational programs with industry and had the opportunity to work with Apple. Much of the content comes from his I&D team at Apple and is regularly distributed to Apple companies. We tailored this for the United States Air Force. ”

The workshop's creators made changes to require all participants to wear casual clothing, eliminating concerns about rank and hierarchy within the unit, the document said.

“As we participate in the conversation today, we would like to maintain a degree of anonymity about our positions. This creates a brave space for everyone and ensures a flat ” states the facilitator guide.

The course is divided into sections and will be completed over a full day.

It works through scenarios that someone might encounter and asks participants to take part in a number of common activities to assess so-called “biases.”

“Karen is a female engineer working for a major oil and gas utility. One day, while attending a training session to learn a new time-writing application, Karen asked a question about the features of the new package.” The instructor responded by suggesting that as an administrative staff member, there was no need to learn about its functions. How should I respond as an ally?'' In one scenario, it is written:

Participants will be invited to watch and sometimes discuss several videos, including “Allyship At Netflix,” which features ethnic minorities and LGBTQ people. Encourage Viewers can “take advantage of their privilege in the moment and extend that privilege to others.”

Another New York Magazine-produced video linked to the document shows children of apparently different ages explaining the differences between boys and girls. “I can change my gender and become a girl,” says Scarlett (7 years old) To tell.

This session points out that differences in background, religion, and experience beyond race and gender contribute to diversity, and says that diversity can be measured. Inclusion refers to behaviors that result from valuing diversity, but it cannot be measured.

A February 2023 Air Force newsletter obtained by DCNF mentions the course among a list of recommended resources for Air Force and Space Force units that touch on diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility.

“Airmen and parents (military and civilian) have consistently requested resources and guidance on DEIA over the last year. Contains customized education and training resources designed to help you improve your skills and improve your talent management.'' Interested Airmen and parents are directed to contact their primary service for more information. did.

Recommended resources included courses from Cornell University, Georgetown University, and the University of South Florida. Online training is available through Air Force and non-Air Force sources. And he has two workshops: “Raising Awareness of Bias'' and “Reducing Awareness of Bias through Alliances.''

The Air Force did not respond to DCNF's request for comment.

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