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As is tradition, you probably spent January reflecting on 2023 and making resolutions for next year. However, by February, more than 80% of resolution authors had already defeated their resolutions. If you're the kind of person who gets lost in soda, social media, and the pillows of your comfy couch, put aside your fear of failure. Learn how Cochise County, Arizona can help you reset to 2024 and make it a reality.

Become healthier

Whether it's hiking, biking, or climbing, Cochise County offers plenty of ways to get your heart pumping. Walk the thousands of stairs in Bisbee. Stairs replace sidewalks in the hills of this old mining town. Rent a bike from the Sierra Vista Public Library and explore bike-friendly America. Or climb the rugged rocks of Fort Cochise, which served as a refuge for the famous Apache Indian leader Cochise. Then, train your palate as you sip wine in one of his many tasting rooms in Willcox, where 75% of Arizona's wine grapes are grown.

Enjoy the beauty of your surroundings

Cochise County is home to some of the most awe-inspiring natural scenery in the Southwest United States. Fort Cochise not only boasts great rock climbing experiences, but is also rumored to be where Chief Cochise is buried. Chiricahua National Monument offers 19 miles of hiking trails that wind through balanced rocks and spiers formed by a massive volcanic eruption about 27 million years ago. The riparian forest of the San Pedro Riparian National Reserve is one of the rarest forest types in the world and provides important habitat for a variety of wildlife, including more than 350 species of birds.

being in this moment

Shifting focus from Twitter to “Tweety.” Bird watching is one of the many reasons people visit Cochise County. Known as the hummingbird capital of the United States, Sierra Vista is home to up to 14 species of hummingbirds. At Willcox, he hosts more than 50,000 migrating sandhill cranes each year from October to February. Both communities offer events and tours that highlight the county's top birding spots. At night, comfortable temperatures and clear skies throughout Cochise County make it a perfect area for stargazing. Visit an observatory or take a telescope to a secluded spot to enjoy star-filled skies.

focus on relationships

Gather the family, put on your hiking shoes, and point your compass toward Kerr Canyon. There are nature trails perfect for walks, as well as adventurous hiking trails that lead to beautiful scenery and breathtaking seasonal waterfalls. At the Carr House Visitor Center, historical and natural presentations and exhibits provide interactive opportunities for the whole family. At Wilcox, stroll hand-in-hand with Honey through the fragrant lavender fields. Sit back with an award-winning local wine or cold beer and soak up the tranquil beauty and stunning views.

Let's be more civilized

The Rex Allen Museum tells the story of singer, actor, and “Arizona Cowboy” Rex Allen, and lets you experience the Wilcox Western lifestyle. Join the town's Wild His West Festival and feast on delicious food from Chuck's Wagon as you watch real cowboys go about their daily chores on the ranch. Savor Cochise County's diverse cuisine, from cowboy to Mexican, German to Japanese, Italian to Vietnamese. Authentic Mexican food is just the beginning of Douglas' adventure. Agua Prieta's sister city, Sonora shares the beauty and tradition of northern Mexico. Discover unique antiques, woven blankets, pottery, and more on both sides of the border.

Online time is reduced

Turn off your laptop, put on your headlamp, go underground, and step back in time. Bisbee's Queen His Mine tour offers a glimpse into this community's heyday in the 1800s. Ride a train deep into the mountains, search for remaining veins of copper and gold, and experience the life of miners toiling in underground tunnels. Stop by one of Douglas' many unique museums. These museums feature, among other things, automobiles that have become works of art and the aviation history of Douglas (home of America's first international airport!).

let's start

Whether you decide to lose weight, establish a new tradition, enjoy exploring, spend time with loved ones, or just relax, Cochise County will help you make your new resolutions a reality in 2024. This is the place to make it and start it.

A wide and open space. A wonderful adventure. actual results. Get serious this year in Cochise County, Arizona!

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