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Extended flood warning for Gila River, National Weather Service urges caution for Memorial holiday weekend

Yuma County, California (KYMA, KECY) – Flood warnings continue to be issued as the levee of the Gila River continues to swell.

Flood warnings from the Painted Rock Dam to the Colorado River were extended multiple times, lasting more than a month.

The National Weather Service said discharges have been reduced, but discharges continue from the Painted Rock Dam upstream.

However, it will take some time before all the water is cleared from the channel.

Built country roads will remain closed until the water has completely emptied the channel.

The flood warning is scheduled to end on Tuesday, May 30, but is expected to extend further.

[sot] Mark O’Malley /////——National Weather Service, Phoenix, Arizona

“Now it is until Tuesday. But there is still plenty of water, so it will probably be another week longer than that. But the end of the tunnel that cut off the discharge from the Painted Rock Dam.” “We’re seeing light, so maybe within a week or two we’ll finally see the dam removed from outside the channel,” Mark O’Malley said. Phoenix National Weather Service.

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