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FACT CHECK: Did Anne Hathaway Tell Jon Stewart A Dirty Joke On-Air?

post shared on social media Actress Anne Hathaway allegedly made a joke on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.


Verdict: False

The video is a deepfake.

Fact check:

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A TikTok post shows footage of Hathaway in action on The Daily Show hosted by Stewart in 2015. The video appears to show Hathaway telling the host a dirty joke, making them both laugh.

Hathaway said, “What’s 6.9? What’s good has been ruined by the times.”

The video has been edited.there is no credible reporting This suggests that this statement was made by Hathaway. The video was edited to make it look like Hathaway said, the full video is comedy central website It shows the two start laughing after Hathaway outlines the premise of the new film, but ends abruptly with Hathaway saying, “And he gets run over by a car and goes into a coma.”

a deepfake An edited video that uses AI software to manipulate a subject’s face and lips to make them appear to say different things. In addition, audio simulation can mimic the subject’s voice to a certain degree of persuasiveness.

Guardian We have released a guide to help viewers spot deepfakes. One of his tips is that lip-syncing is often not perfect. If you look closely at this video, you can see that the lip movement is incorrect. (Related: Did RFK Jr. meet with then-President Trump to head the Vaccine Safety Commission?)

This isn’t the first time false information has been shared online. Check Your Fact recently debunked claims that the Ukrainian military seized a train full of fighter planes.

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